Ukraine claims it’s killed 40000 Russian troops

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Forty 1000 Russian troops person been killed successful Ukraine since Russia’s penetration began astir six months ago, the Ukrainian service claimed connected Wednesday.

According to a property merchandise from Ukrainian General Staff, astatine slightest 40,070 Russian soldiers person truthful acold been killed during the warfare successful Ukraine. In addition, it is claimed that astir 1,000 Russian soldiers were captured.

Ukrainian and allied quality assessments alteration wide arsenic to precisely however galore Russian forces person been killed to date. But adjacent the lowest estimates are successful the thousands.


Just past week, CIA Director William Burns said that Russia has mislaid an estimated 15,000 troops truthful acold successful its warfare against Ukraine.

“I deliberation the latest estimates from the US quality assemblage would beryllium thing successful the vicinity of 15,000 killed and possibly 3 times that wounded. So a rather important acceptable of losses,” helium said.

He besides noted that Ukrainians person suffered arsenic good successful the ongoing war.

Over 5,100 civilians person been killed successful Ukraine since the opening of the warfare connected Feb. 24 this year, according to UN figures.

At slightest 16 cardinal radical successful Ukraine person besides been forced to fly their homes, including astir 9.2 cardinal that person fled to different countries.