UEFA Champions League knockout stage set for refit; two-legged semi-finals to be scrapped

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By Andrew Thompson Published: April 27, 2022 9:58 pm
Last Updated: April 27, 2022 11:09 pm

UEFA Champions League knockout signifier    acceptable   for refit; two-legged semi-finals to beryllium  scrapped

Europe’s premier nine contention could beryllium acceptable for a large facelift arsenic the UEFA Champions League looks acceptable to refit the second stages of the contention successful favour of a “week of football.”

As reported by the Times arsenic good arsenic the Mirror and different outlets, UEFA main Aleksander Ceferin is successful favour of a format alteration that would spot the two-legged semi-final stripped and replaced with a week of shot surrounding one-off semi-final matches successful the run-up to the final.

Momentum is gathering for two-legged Champions League semi-finals to beryllium scrapped, with starring European clubs backing a program to play the semis and the last implicit a azygous week successful 1 metropolis https://t.co/oiAPIFRbab

— Times Sport (@TimesSport) April 27, 2022

This format would beryllium akin to what is seen successful the UEFA Nations League portion besides being hosted astatine a neutral venue, with Ceferin likening it to the Super Bowl successful the United States.

“If you look astatine the Super Bowl it’s a large lawsuit and they bash it successful a large way, they person concerts and radical spell determination and person fun. Even if you suffer those 2 matches you tin get much gross to compensate.”

“It could beryllium a fantastic lawsuit for broadcasters, for sponsors. In the aforesaid week, you could person the last of the women’s Champions League oregon younker competitions, you could truly person a fantastic week of football. These knockout matches are antithetic and much exciting.”

UEFA Champions League knockout signifier    acceptable   for refit; two-legged semi-finals to beryllium  scrapped

LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 17: General presumption wrong the stadium of the sunset and the large surface anterior to the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 lucifer betwixt Chelsea FC and Atletico Madrid astatine Stamford Bridge connected March 17, 2021 successful London, England. Sporting stadiums astir the UK stay nether strict restrictions owed to the Coronavirus Pandemic arsenic Government societal distancing laws prohibit fans wrong venues resulting successful games being played down closed doors. (Photo by Matthew Lewis – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

That alteration of format has besides been backed by ECA president and Paris Saint-Germain president Nasser Al-Khelaifi, who stated: “The Super Bowl, and the U.S. generally, person this mindset, creativity, and entertainment.”

“That’s what I person suggested, to person an opening ceremonial to the Champions League, to person 1 lucifer connected the opening nighttime wherever the winners instrumentality connected a large squad — possibly it is not a bully idea, but astatine slightest let’s situation the presumption quo. Each lucifer needs to beryllium an lawsuit and entertainment.” (note: quotes via the Athletic)

But shot purists surely volition enactment up stiff absorption for the alteration that looks acceptable to beryllium enactment into enactment travel the 2024-25 season, with the unparalleled play of European nights some location and distant to beryllium shown the doorway successful favour of amended commercialized opportunities for the large food portion stripping fans of the quality to bask Champions League connected their location patch, oregon having a memorable distant nighttime with chap supporters.

Should plans beryllium finalized, it appears to beryllium different illustration of shot going the mode of concern alternatively than passion.

This nonfiction was edited by Ben Browning.

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