U.S. Air National Guard Chief Warns More F-15EX Heavyweight Fighters Are Needed to Replace Ageing Fleet

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Commander of the U.S. Air National Guard Lieutenant General Michael Loh has joined different elder officers successful calling for accrued acquisitions of F-15EX heavyweight fighters, which were archetypal ordered successful 2018 and person since entered work astatine a dilatory rate. “Some radical are inactive looking astatine this arsenic a 1970s-technology aircraft. It is not,” helium said, highlighting the fighter’s 5th procreation level avionics including its unfastened ngo strategy architecture, Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System physics warfare suite and the AN/APG-82 AESA radar. He conceded, however, that efforts to item wherefore F-15EX acquisitions were important had not been optimally pursued, and raised the anticipation of a larger standard of F-35 acquisitions serving arsenic an alternative. The F-15 Eagle fist flew implicit 50 years agone successful 1972, and archetypal joined the U.S. Air Force successful 1975 arsenic what was astatine the clip its premier aerial superiority fighter. The combatant is the oldest successful the satellite inactive successful accumulation today. 

80 F-15EX fighters are planned to participate service, though these volition lone beryllium capable to regenerate 3 of the 8 squadrons presently formed by ageing F-15C/D Eagles. The property of these older airframes has resulted successful precise precocious operational costs portion their combat performances stay limited. The caller F-15EX aircraft, which outgo astir $80 cardinal each, mostly wage for themselves successful savings connected operational outgo arsenic they are not lone overmuch newer but besides person airframe designs and usage materials which are technologically respective decades ahead. The F-15EX is the lone heavyweight combatant presently successful accumulation successful the Western world, and was ordered mostly owed to the failure of the F-22 Raptor programme to supply a viable successor to the F-15, which it was different expected to regenerate successful accumulation and signifier retired of work entirely. The Air Force is expected to statesman retiring F-22s successful 2023, contempt the airframes having served for lone a fraction of their lifetimes, owed to their excessively precocious operational costs and wide scope of show issues. This is being done portion continuing to purchase much F-15EXs, which person acold much amended avionics and availability rates arsenic good arsenic higher speeds, ranges and weapons payloads.