U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson survives no-confidence vote

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London — Boris Johnson survived a no-confidence ballot connected Monday and remained successful bureau aft lawmakers from his Conservative governmental enactment held a ballot to find whether helium should support his job.

Johnson needed a elemental bulk of the 359 Conservative members of Parliament to ballot successful his favor. He won that with 211 supporting him and 148 voting against him, according to The Associated Press. 

A ballot of nary assurance successful the Conservative Party is triggered if the party's leaders person letters of petition from astatine slightest 15% of sitting Conservative members of Parliament. Conservative Party authoritative Graham Brady said Monday greeting that that threshold had been passed.

The premier curate of the United Kingdom is not straight elected to service successful the role, but appointed by the governmental enactment that wins the bulk of seats successful Parliament. If Johnson had mislaid the ballot connected Monday, the Conservative Party, which holds the majority, would person chosen a caller person to automatically instrumentality implicit arsenic premier minister.

Earlier this month, Johnson was fined by the police for breaking the instrumentality aft an probe recovered that helium and his colleagues had held and attended parties during the tallness of Britain's coronavirus lockdown successful 2020.

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Known arsenic the "partygate" scandal, the revelation that authorities officials were having vino and food successful Johnson's authoritative residence astatine Number 10 Downing Street — each caught successful photographs — portion members of the nationalist were prevented from visiting dying relatives nether COVID-19 restrictions they had devised sparked wide outrage.

An interior authorities probe recovered determination had been "failures of enactment and judgment," and that the "senior enactment team" should beryllium held responsible.

Despite starring his Conservative Party to a landslide triumph successful the 2019 U.K. wide election, Johnson's popularity has plummeted successful caller months and a fig of his ain enactment members person called for him to resign.

"You are simply seeking to campaign, to support changing the taxable and to make governmental and taste dividing lines chiefly for your advantage, astatine a clip erstwhile the system is struggling, ostentation is soaring, and maturation is anaemic and best," Johnson's longtime protagonist and erstwhile furniture curate Jesse Norman said successful a missive to the premier curate published Monday.

I person supported Boris Johnson for 15 years, for the London Mayoralty and for PM. Very sadly, I person written to him to accidental I tin nary longer bash so, for the reasons acceptable retired below. pic.twitter.com/0Mjs4hjeSF

— Jesse Norman (@Jesse_Norman) June 6, 2022

Norman called immoderate of Johnson's policies "ugly," "foolhardy" and "almost surely illegal."

But different Conservative lawmakers believed it was the incorrect clip for a alteration successful enactment leadership.

"It is important that we amusement radical we are delivering connected the alteration they voted for successful 2019," said Cabinet Minister Steve Barclay, a Johnson ally, successful a station connected the Conservative Party website.

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