Twitter Locks Down Product Changes Following Musk Takeover — Tucker Carlson and Babylon Bee Accounts Reinstated

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Twitter yet agreed to Elon Musk’s connection connected a takeover bid woody for $44 cardinal connected Monday.

Twitter was reportedly re-examining Elon Musk’s $43 cardinal takeover proviso aft the billionaire lined up financing for the bid implicit the weekend. They reached an statement for $44 cardinal connected Monday.

Twitter is well-known for stifling, censoring and banning escaped code successful America. Twitter silenced The Gateway Pundit, Joe Hoft, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones and adjacent the President of the United States. Only conservatives get banned. There should beryllium laws against this.

Elon Musk antecedently said his involvement successful Twitter was not truthful overmuch to marque wealth arsenic it was to reconstruct escaped code connected the internet. He present has that opportunity.

Immediately pursuing the quality of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter Tucker Carlson’s relationship was reinstated.

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The blimpish satire tract Babylon Bee was besides reinstated. The authorities antecedently banned them for mocking the regime.

And hours aft the buyout Twitter locked down changes to its root codification to forestall leftists from behaving similar leftists.
Bizpac Review reported:

Just hours aft the $44 cardinal bid from Tesla CEO Elon Musk was accepted by Twitter shareholders, the societal media institution locked changes to its root codification to forestall enraged leftists astatine the institution from making retaliatory, unauthorized changes to the platform.

According to Bloomberg, which cited unnamed sources, the measurement was taken to guarantee that disgruntled employees did not instrumentality their wrath retired connected the societal media platform.

“Twitter imposed the impermanent prohibition to support employees who whitethorn beryllium miffed astir the woody from ‘going rogue,’ according to 1 of the people… Many of the company’s employees person been agitated astir the thought of Musk taking complaint and what changes whitethorn come,” the media outlet reported.

At slightest temporarily, Twitter volition not let updates to the level unless they are “business-critical.” Any specified changes volition person to beryllium approved by the vice-president of the company. The institution is present a backstage entity wholly nether the power of Elon Musk. There is reportedly nary longer a committee of directors.