Trump says he won't rejoin Twitter if Elon Musk reinstates his account

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Washington — Former President Donald Trump said helium volition not get backmost connected Twitter, adjacent if his relationship is reinstated by Elon Musk, who is set to acquire the institution for $44 billion.

Trump told Fox News that helium would alternatively support a beingness connected Truth Social, the societal media level launched earlier this twelvemonth by a caller media steadfast helium founded, and expects to statesman utilizing the tract implicit the adjacent 7 days. Truth Social is 1 of the brands nether the Trump Media and Technology Group, though the platform's popularity has waned successful the weeks aft its February launch. 

"I anticipation Elon buys Twitter due to the fact that he'll marque improvements to it and helium is simply a bully man, but I americium going to beryllium staying connected Truth," the erstwhile president told Fox News.

Trump claimed the fig of users connected Truth Social is growing, and the effect connected the level is "much amended than being connected Twitter.

"The bottommost enactment is, no, I americium not going backmost to Twitter," helium said, adding Truth Social is simply a level for his dependable and his supporters.

Trump was a prolific idiosyncratic of Twitter crossed his presidency, utilizing his relationship to denote unit and argumentation changes, and spell aft his critics. But the institution banned him from the level successful the aftermath of the January 6 battle connected the U.S. Capitol. Twitter said that aft reviewing Trump's tweets and the discourse surrounding them, it decided to permanently suspend his relationship "due to the hazard of further incitement of violence."

The president utilized his Twitter relationship successful the weeks betwixt the 2020 statesmanlike predetermination and the January 6 insurrection to promote his supporters to stitchery successful Washington successful protestation of the election, which helium falsely claimed was rigged against him.

He and different Republicans person accused sites similar Twitter and Facebook of censoring blimpish voices and person called for the repeal of a 1996 law that shields societal media companies from being held liable for contented posted by their users.

Twitter announced Monday that it reached an statement with Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, to bargain the company. The woody values the institution astatine astir $44 billion. Once the transaction is completed, Twitter volition go privately held.

"Free code is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the integer municipality quadrate wherever matters captious to the aboriginal of humanity are debated," Musk, who has 85 cardinal followers, said successful a statement.