Tongue, Lip Piercings May Harm Teeth and Gums

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By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter
HealthDay Reporter

MONDAY, June 20, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Getting your tongue oregon lips pierced? Don't beryllium amazed erstwhile your dentist is unhappy astir it.

These piercings tin bash harm to your teeth and gums, a new study warns.

"Our survey recovered that galore radical with oral piercings had heavy pockets and gaps astir their teeth, and receding and bleeding gums," said survey writer Dr. Clemens Walter, a prof astatine University Medicine Greifswald successful Germany. "These are each signs of periodontitis, besides called gum disease, which tin pb to bony loss."

Walter and his colleagues analyzed 8 studies that included 408 radical with a combined 236 articulator piercings and 236 lingua piercings. In all, 1 successful 5 had much than 1 oral piercing. The participants reported having their piercings ranging from 1 period to 19 years, and astir folks wore metallic jewelry successful their piercings.

The studies compared teeth and gums adjacent to the piercings with areas elsewhere successful the mouth.

Researchers reported that 3 successful 5 studies recovered deeper pockets astir teeth adjacent to lingua piercings, and 3 successful 4 recovered wider gaps betwixt teeth; 2 successful 3 recovered bleeding gums, and 4 studies looking for receding gums recovered it successful each four.

In addition, 3 of 4 studies looking astatine articulator piercings revealed receding gums successful the area.

The survey reappraisal was presented Wednesday astatine a gathering of the European Federation of Periodontology, successful Copenhagen. Research presented astatine meetings is typically considered preliminary until published successful a peer-reviewed journal.

"The findings suggest that oral piercings, particularly successful the tongue, negatively impact the adjacent teeth and gums," Walter said successful a gathering quality release. "In those with lingua piercings, harm was peculiarly notable astir the bottommost 2 beforehand teeth, called the mandibular incisors, which are important for biting and chewing food."

The likelihood of bony and gum damage appeared to summation with time, helium added.

His advice: "People with lingua and articulator piercings should region them to support their teeth and gums from further damage," Walter said.

About 5% of young adults person oral piercings, with the lingua being the astir communal site. Women are astir 4 times much apt to person an oral piercing than men, according to the survey authors.

Previous probe has yielded akin findings. Researchers connected the caller survey urged dentists to archer their patients astir the hazard of complications from wearing oral piercings.

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There's much connected oral piercing astatine the American Dental Association.

SOURCE: European Federation of Periodontology, quality release, June 16, 2022