Toddlers and Tiaras Star Kailia Posey Honored at Celebration of Life

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Kailia Posey is inactive the queen of her loved one's hearts.

The friends and family of the Toddlers & Tiaras prima came unneurotic on May 14 to grant the precocious 16-year-old who took her ain beingness earlier this month.

A special solemnisation of beingness lawsuit was held astatine North County Christ the King Church successful Lynden, Wash. and was live-streamed connected the church's website. A large crowd, including more than 700 virtual attendees, gathered to stock photos, videos and personal stories of the teen.

People reported that Kailia's member Jayden Kai held backmost tears arsenic helium recalled memories of rooting connected his sister astatine her quality pageants, conscionable similar she did astatine his ain shot games, saying, "I conscionable wanted her to cognize that she had idiosyncratic and I was ever determination for her" 

The reception ended and a selfie booth successful grant of "Kailia's emotion of selfies."

On May 2, Kailia's mom Marcy Posey Gatterman confirmed the teenage quality queen had passed away, saying she didn't "have words oregon immoderate thoughts." 

"I don't person words oregon immoderate thoughts," she wrote connected Facebook, alongside a photograph of her daughter. "A beauteous babe miss is gone. Pease springiness america privateness arsenic we mourn the nonaccomplishment of Kailia. My babe forever." 

The pursuing day, her household shared that Kailia died by suicide. 

"Although she was an accomplished teen with a agleam aboriginal up of her, unluckily successful 1 impetuous moment, she made the rash determination to extremity her earthly life," the family confirmed successful a connection to TMZ. "She won countless crowns & trophies aft competing connected the pageant circuit her full beingness ... Her highly acclaimed endowment arsenic a contortionist had already led to nonrecreational touring occupation offers, and she had precocious been selected to beryllium a cheerleader astatine her precocious schoolhouse adjacent fall." 


As a 5-year-old, Kailia appeared connected the popular TLC series, alongside her mom, successful a 2012 occurrence titled, "California Tropic Arizona." 

In a clip from the show, posted to YouTube Kalia's ma says that the tot started doing pageants astatine the property of 3.

"She's a pro erstwhile she hits that stage, she'll accidental she's tense but erstwhile she hits that signifier she's a pro," the arrogant ma says. "She's gonna bushed you, each time."

She added, "Kailia has a precise bully talent. I mean, conscionable wholly amazing. I don't cognize anybody that's contention for Kailia."


Although it was Kailia's 1 and lone quality on Toddlers and Tiaras, her bequest lived connected acknowledgment to a comic clip of the small world star scrunching up her cervix with a mischievous grin connected her look which became a viral GIF dubbed the "grinning girl."

Following her clip connected the show, Kailia continued to enactment successful pageants. Most recently, she competed for the rubric of Miss Washington Teen USA.

Earlier this month, Kailia's BFF Biancha shared a heartbreaking tribute to the late teen saying she would emotion her "beautiful champion person everlastingly and ever."

"You were an amazing, beauteous idiosyncratic wrong and out," Biancha captioned a carousel of throwback photos and videos of the 2 together. "Words cannot explicate however achy this is, not lone to maine but each of the radical that emotion you."

She added, "I privation I could've done something. You are successful my prayers. I volition miss you everlastingly and always. Rest successful paradise Kailia Posey."

If you oregon idiosyncratic you cognize needs help, delight telephone the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline astatine 1-800-273-TALK (8255).