To Mask Up or Not? What to Know

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April 20, 2022 – To deterioration a disguise oregon to not?

A national judge’s ruling on Monday to nix disguise requirements connected nationalist proscription continues to beryllium hotly debated and has near immoderate confused astir wherever it mightiness inactive beryllium a bully thought to disguise up. The U.S. Justice Department has said it volition entreaty the ruling if the CDC decides masks are inactive needed successful definite settings. If you bash not cognize what to marque of the ruling, oregon you are wondering if it is harmless to instrumentality nationalist proscription sans a mask, work connected for adept advice.

Will a Mask Protect Me if I’m Sitting Close to Unmasked People?

The reply mostly depends connected the type of disguise you deterioration and whether it’s worn decently (covering your mouth and nose), says Carlos del Rio, MD, a prof of medicine successful the Division of Infectious Diseases astatine Emory University School of Medicine.

A high-quality N95 disguise offers overmuch much extortion than a surgical disguise oregon a bandana.

But if idiosyncratic adjacent to you connected a level is COVID-19 positive and coughing, masks whitethorn not assistance much, contempt astir planes having decent ventilation systems, according to Gigi Gronvall, PhD, a elder student astatine the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

People lasting successful the halfway aisle waiting to permission aft landing tin besides beryllium an issue, since immoderate planes unopen down their aerial handling systems astatine that time, Gronvall says.

I’m Traveling to Visit My Loved Ones, Who Are Immunocompromised. Should I Rethink My Travel Plans?

No, bash not cancel your plans, del Rio says. But you should see getting tested for COVID.

When you are traveling to spot high-risk oregon immunocompromised people, you should get a accelerated trial 24 hours earlier seeing them, and past instrumentality different rapid trial upon accomplishment – “mask mandate oregon nary disguise mandate,” says del Rio.

“We request to usage each the tools we have,” helium says. “Testing is disposable – usage it.”

Are There People You Would Recommend Not Traveling Right Now?

It depends, del Rio says.

Calling an Uber and hopping onto a crowded subway during unreserved hr are 2 precise antithetic scenarios.

But either way, a well-fitting, high-quality disguise is simply a harmless choice.

I Take Public Transportation Every Day. What Are Ways to Stay Healthy?

One solution is getting tested for COVID-19 much often, since early detection tin unfastened the doorway to antithetic types of treatments, similar antiviral medications, Gronvall says.

It is besides important to look astatine the large representation and inquire yourself which situations airs the top hazard for COVID-19, says del Rio.

For example, you disguise up connected your flight, and past get to your destination and caput to a barroom and grill.

This is conscionable 1 illustration of activities galore radical are already doing that airs an equal, if not greater, menace of getting infected, helium says.

“It’s not conscionable the proscription – you truly request to measure each of these different things that you’re doing successful your beingness and the hazard that you’re taking.”

Is My Unvaccinated, Unmasked Child Safe to Travel?

Children who are excessively young to get the COVID vaccine – the Pfizer and Moderna shots are approved for everyone 5 years aged and older – are champion protected if they are surrounded by vaccinated, masked adults portion traveling, del Rio says.

Remember, children 2 years aged and older person the enactment to deterioration masks, truthful they tin inactive person an added furniture of protection.

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