TikToker Mikayla Nogueira Embraces Her "New Body" After 60-Lb. Weight Gain

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Content warning: This communicative discusses eating disorders.

Mikayla Nogueira is sharing her empowering travel toward assemblage acceptance.

The TikTok star said she feels "so good" astir herself aft experiencing a important value summation and shared however she worked hard to get to this point.

"I precocious gained 60 pounds," the influencer shared successful a TikTok video connected April 25. "It was truly hard for maine to judge I person a caller body."

Mikayla said, astatine first, 200 pounds connected her 4'11" framework was a "really scary" reality, but she aboriginal decided she was "going to larn to emotion my assemblage the mode it is."

One way the 23-year-old became much comfortable successful her skin was investing a marque caller wardrobe. In the TikTok clip, Mikayla tries connected a fig of outfits from Lulu's and Pink Lily proudly showing disconnected her what she "looks similar arsenic a size 14."

"I'm going amusement you guys that you tin deterioration immoderate the f--k you privation if your a size 2 oregon size 20," she told her fans. "It doesn't matter, wherever what makes you happy."

In the video, Mikayla fell successful emotion with 1 peculiar two-piece floral look, contempt the information that it showcased her "biggest insecurity"—her arms, which she describes arsenic "large and successful charge," saying, "I can't fto that halt maine from wearing truly cute apparel similar this."

In different video, the Massachusetts native besides got escaped of each of her aged swimsuits that were size smalls and mediums.

"I'm present a size ample and it's clip to determination connected from s--t that doesn't service you," she said earlier trying connected an array of one-pieces and bikinis. 

While she seemed to radiate confidence, Mikayla reminded her fans she tin beryllium precise vulnerable. 

"I struggle with an eating disorder," she said. "I'm truly moving to implicit travel it and this is really difficult for me." 

Three period earlier, the societal media prima got existent astir her conflict with bulimia, telling her fans connected TikTok she has been struggling for over seven years and has been successful and retired of remission. 

"I relapsed successful January 2021 and unfortunately, I was not capable to beryllium free and cleanable of that relapse until December 2021," she shared connected Jan. 12. "It was the longest I had gone without being clean."

She continued, "My eating upset has stolen truthful overmuch from me: joy, relationships, but astir importantly, my health. I consciousness similar that's the 1 happening radical don't speech about."

Mikayla explained the galore ways her bulimia affected her health, including hairsbreadth loss, digestive problems and an array of dental issues, including the yellowing of her teeth and gum disease. However, she made a pledge to herself to crook her wellness astir successful the caller year.

"While I've been astatine warfare with my eating upset for years, I've ne'er fto it triumph immoderate of its battles," she said. "Some battles are longer than others and immoderate battles are a small harder than others , but I've ne'er fto it triumph and I ne'er will."

She added, "I'm taking my wellness back. I'm going to instrumentality attraction of myself successful 2022 and ever going forward." 

Her candid videos person already inspired her fans to observe their ain bodies successful turn. One TikTok idiosyncratic commented, "i emotion you truthful overmuch and helping maine recognize that i'm beauteous conscionable arsenic one am." 

"Thank you for sharing this with us," different wrote, "as idiosyncratic who's a 14 arsenic good cuz of my ed, I don't consciousness alone!"

If you oregon idiosyncratic you cognize needs help, delight telephone the National Eating Disorders Association helpline astatine 1-800-931-2237.