TikTok to ban campaign fundraising, require verification for political accounts

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Ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, TikTok announced Wednesday it is banning of run fundraising connected its platform. It besides announced caller policies for governmental accounts, including "mandatory verification."

In upcoming weeks, the app, which already bans governmental advertising, volition besides prohibition run fundraising, Blake Chandlee, president of planetary concern solutions for TikTok, said successful a blog post. The prohibition volition see videos asking for donations, and videos from governmental parties directing radical to a donation leafage connected their website.  

The China-based video sharing app volition besides commencement investigating "mandatory verification" for governments, politicians and governmental enactment accounts successful an effort to "keep harmful misinformation disconnected the platform."

Verification volition guarantee that anyone watching contented belonging to a government, politician, oregon governmental enactment relationship volition cognize that the relationship is "genuine" and that the root is "authentic," Chandlee wrote. 

"While galore governmental accounts person added the verified badge to their illustration already, doing truthful is presently optional," Chandlee wrote. "Starting contiguous successful the U.S., we'll beryllium trialing mandatory verification for accounts belonging to governments, politicians, and governmental parties done the midterm elections."

The app volition besides marque governmental accounts ineligible for the "Creator Fund," and artifact entree to gifting, tipping and e-commerce, the blog station said. The Creator Fund is simply a monetary money that users tin person for posting contented to the platform. 

"These changes, on with our existing prohibition connected governmental advertising, mean that accounts belonging to governments, politicians, and governmental parties volition mostly not beryllium capable to springiness oregon person wealth done TikTok's monetization features, oregon walk wealth promoting their content," Chandlee wrote. 

The announcement comes 1 period aft researchers recovered TikTok accounts person been utilized to dispersed misinformation up of elections successful Europe, Asia and South America.

Chandlee wrote that these caller policies are an effort to marque TikTok "a affirmative situation that brings radical together, not disagreement them."

"TikTok is archetypal and foremost an amusement platform, and we're arrogant to beryllium a spot that brings radical unneurotic implicit originative and entertaining content," helium wrote. "By prohibiting run fundraising and limiting entree to our monetization features and verifying accounts, we're aiming to onslaught a equilibrium betwixt enabling radical to sermon the issues that are applicable to their lives portion besides protecting the creative, entertaining level that our assemblage wants."

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