TikTok's Tinx Says She's "Ashamed and Embarrassed" After Controversial Tweets Resurface

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In the aftermath of her past tweets reemerging, Tinx says she's "more than cringing."
Over the weekend, the 31-year-old TikTok star, calved Christina Najjar, came nether occurrence aft past social media posts—including ones wherever she took purpose at Kim Kardashian, Tori Spelling, and different nationalist figures by calling them "fat" and "pathetic"—resurfaced. She's besides being accused of resharing arguable governmental posts implicit the past fewer years. In a connection shared to her Instagram April 24, Tinx said she's "beyond embarrassed" and "wants to ain it."
"About 10 years ago, I sent immoderate genuinely nasty, mean, horrible tweets," she wrote. "I called radical that I had ne'er met fat, pathetic and ugly. I adjacent called Kim Kardashian fat, which is ironic considering she is my fig 1 idol and idiosyncratic I look up to. When I work the tweets back, I americium ashamed and embarrassed. They are mean spirited, and I americium not mean-spirited—but I utilized to be."

"Let maine archer you astir the miss who wrote those tweets," she added. "I was 21, and deeply, profoundly insecure. I hated myself and had a atrocious narration with my body."

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Tinx continued, "I was besides highly lost. I've told you guys astir that before. About being truthful mislaid and wanting to find a passionateness and find my voice. So, I tried connected galore hats, 1 of which was [a] mean tweeter to get a laugh. And it's not comic astatine all. Only insecure radical punch down. And lone profoundly insecure radical effort to marque others the butt of the joke. Being mean is not funny, it's conscionable plain mean. Hurt people, wounded radical and I cognize my words caused hurt."

The TikTok star, who has been dubbed the "older sister" connected the level by fans owed to her posts centered astir positivity and self-love, concluded: "If you've been pursuing maine for a small bit, you cognize they are not typical of who I am. I americium precise sorry. I americium a enactment successful progress."

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