Thomas Frank proud Brentford not just ‘hanging in there’ in Premier League

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Norwich City v Brentford – Premier League – Carrow Road
(Image credit: Joe Giddens)

Thomas Frank is arrogant Brentford person been capable to unafraid their top-flight presumption with country to spare but feels they merit adjacent much to amusement from their archetypal Premier League season.

Frank besides says helium does not judge successful ‘second-season syndrome’ arsenic Brentford look to debar the struggles immoderate clubs person had successful trying to enactment up successful successive seasons pursuing promotion.

The Bees were assured of different twelvemonth of Premier League shot successful midweek aft Leeds were beaten 3-0 by Chelsea, and they could yet decorativeness successful the apical fractional of the array arsenic they hole to look relegation-battling Everton successful their penultimate match.

It has been an awesome run for Frank and the nine pursuing their promotion from the Championship past summer, and the manager believes it could person been ever better.

“The happening I’m astir arrogant of is that we are not crawling implicit the enactment and conscionable hanging successful there,” Frank said.

“But I deliberation it’s successful each facet you measure, if you inquire immoderate different shot idiosyncratic to analyse our performance, implicit the people of the play they would perfectly accidental just and quadrate that Brentford are successful the Premier League.

“All numbers, stats and truthful on, we astir apt deserved adjacent much than we person this season.”

Frank besides shrugged disconnected speech astir ‘second-season syndrome’ wherever clubs who person survived their archetypal twelvemonth successful the apical formation subsequently struggle, arsenic the likes of Huddersfield and Sheffield United person done successful caller years.

The Dane knows Brentford could inactive get relegated adjacent play but insists that is due to the fact that of the spot of the Premier League alternatively than immoderate ‘narrative’.

“I don’t judge successful it (second-season syndrome) and I deliberation it’s a communicative that has been created for assorted antithetic reasons, due to the fact that evidently determination are immoderate clubs who get relegated successful the 2nd play truthful that’s wherefore that communicative has been created,” the Bees manager said.

“But (I have) the biggest respect. I wholly respect and recognize that adjacent twelvemonth we tin get relegated due to the fact that the margins betwixt presumption fig 20 and presumption fig 7 is truly really small, truthful I massively respect that.

“But wherefore shouldn’t we beryllium capable to nutrient that again? Of people if we are selling 5 players and not buying anyone that makes it much hard but if we are keeping the squad, which is the aim, and adding a fewer players?

“I can’t spot wherefore we shouldn’t person a bully play adjacent season.”

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