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Host: Jane Pauley

ELECTIONS: 2022's confounding midterms, mounting the signifier for 2024 | Watch Video
Right-wing media and Republican politicians predicted a "red wave," adjacent a "red tsunami," successful this year's midterm elections, but it failed to materialize, arsenic Democrats successfully defended their clasp connected the Senate, and (as ballots proceed to beryllium counted) are keeping the House successful play. Correspondent Martha Teichner looks astatine the factors that experts accidental contributed to the Republicans' anemic showing: predetermination denialism, and Donald Trump.

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Susan B. Glasser, The New Yorker"The Divider: Trump successful the White House, 2017-2021" by Peter Baker and Susan Glasser (Doubleday), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieboundJulian Zelizer, Princeton School of Public & International Affairs, Princeton University"Burning Down the House: Newt Gingrich and the Rise of the New Republican Party" by Julian E. Zelizer (Penguin), successful Trade Paperback, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indiebound

ELECTIONS: Why gerrymandering has gotten worse | Watch Video
It's not rather one-person, one-vote, erstwhile politicians tin redraw maps of the voting districts they represent, to guarantee harmless seats for their party. Correspondent David Pogue looks astatine however partisan gerrymandering tin undermine existent democracy.

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"Gerrymandering the States: Partisanship, Race, and the Transformation of American Federalism" by Alex Keena, Michael Latner, Anthony J. McGann and Charles Anthony Smith (Cambridge University Press), successful Hardcover, Trade Paperback and eBook formats, disposable via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieboundAlex Keena, Virginia Commonwealth University

COVER STORY: Fighting backmost against ageism | Watch Video
Recent studies person recovered that implicit 93% of adults betwixt 50 and 80 acquisition ageism, which tin person antagonistic wellness effects; radical who person an upbeat instrumentality connected getting older really unrecorded longer.  Correspondent Susan Spencer talks with Ashton Applewhite, writer of "This Chair Rocks," astir raising consciousness of ageism; and with scholars who sermon the benefits of rejecting societal cues that insult increasing older.

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"This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism" by Ashton Applewhite (Celadon Books), successful Hardcover, Large Print, Trade Paperback, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieboundJulie Ober Allen, University of OklahomaJ. Daniel Kim, Wharton Business School, University of PennsylvaniaGeorge Street Servicesvan-gogh-in-america.jpg In 1922 the Detroit Institute of Arts became the archetypal U.S. depository to bargain a enactment by Vincent Van Gogh, his 1887 "Self-Portrait." It's present the centerpiece of an accumulation exploring however the Post-Impressionist's paintings took clasp successful the American imagination, "Van Gogh successful America."  CBS News

ART: "Van Gogh successful America": How the Dutch creator entranced a nation | Watch Video
One 100 years agone the Detroit Institute of Arts became the archetypal depository successful the U.S. to bargain a enactment by Vincent Van Gogh, the Dutch Post-Impressionist who died successful 1890. Now, the DIA honors the centenary of that landmark acquisition by presenting "Van Gogh successful America," featuring 74 works from astir the world, which explores America's instauration to the artist. Correspondent Rita Braver reports.

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"Van Gogh successful America," astatine the Detroit Institute of Arts (through January 23, 2023)Exhibition Catalogue: "Van Gogh successful America"melting-alaska-glacier.jpg Team members astatine Colony Glacier successful Alaska are searching for the remains of the unit of an Air Force level that crashed successful 1952.  CBS News

U.S: Recovering heroes, mislaid for 70 years successful an Alaskan glacier | Watch Video
For the past decennary a multi-disciplinary squad based astatine Elmendorf Air Force Base successful Anchorage has been engaged successful what is possibly the longest-running betterment effort successful the past of the U.S. Air Force: locating 52 servicemen mislaid erstwhile their C-124 Globemaster crashed connected a glacier successful Alaska, their remains and idiosyncratic effects hidden successful the crystal since 1952. Correspondent Lee Cowan talks with relatives who anticipation summertime periods of melting crystal volition uncover secrets agelong buried.

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Elmendorf Air Force Base, AnchorageAir Mobility Command Museum, Dover,  Del.Armed Forces Medical Examiner System (AFMES)judy-woodruff-b.jpg Journalist and longtime big of "PBS Newshour" Judy Woodruff. CBS News

TELEVISION: Judy Woodruff connected her adjacent chapter | Watch Video
The seasoned writer tells "Sunday Morning" big Jane Pauley wherefore she's stepping distant from the anchor table of "PBS NewsHour." Judy Woodruff besides talks astir her trailblazing vocation spanning much than 50 years, and her relentless thrust to uncover the truth.

For much info:

"PBS NewsHour"Follow Judy Woodruff connected Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

PASSAGE: In memoriam (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers immoderate of the notable figures who near america this week, including Gallagher, the comedian champion known for splattering watermelons with a elephantine mallet.  

HARTMAN: A seasoned scoots kindness guardant (Video)
When Navy seasoned Kenneth Jary's mobility scooter broke down, the 80-year-old from Mahtomedi, Minnesota, thought his beingness had crushed to a halt. But Amanda Kline, a young pistillate he'd met astatine a java shop, started an online fundraiser for him, and wrong days Kenny got a marque caller scooter. But the foundation didn't halt there, and present Kenny's combat against immobility is benefiting different veterans successful need. Correspondent Steve Hartman reports.

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Follow Kenneth Jary (@patriotickenny) connected Instagram and TikTok Amanda Kline's GoFundMe pagewalking-bagel.jpg Correspondent Tracy Smith with histrion Adam Sandler, walking his dog, Bagel.  CBS News

MOVIES: Adam Sandler connected wherefore he's drawn to playing unlucky characters | Watch Video
The histrion who came of property playing "man-child" characters successful galore comedies is getting grant buzz for his show successful the sports drama "Hustle," astir a struggling NBA scout scouring the globe for the adjacent large player. Adam Sandler talks with analogous Tracy Smith astir what compels him to play losers; his enslaved with chap "Saturday Night Live" castmate Chris Farley; and the opus helium sings to his woman astatine each show.

To ticker a trailer for the movie "Hustle" click connected the video subordinate below:

Hustle starring Adam Sandler | Official Trailer | Netflix by Netflix on YouTube

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"Hustle" is disposable to watercourse connected NetflixFollow Adam Sandler connected Twitter, Instagram and FacebookAdam Sandler circuit accusation (Live Nation)ava-duvernay-2.jpg Ava DuVernay, the creator and an enforcement shaper of the OWN bid "Queen Sugar." CBS News

TV: "Queen Sugar": A TV landmark for women directors | Watch Video
Ava DuVernay, the creator of "Queen Sugar," laid down a pioneering directive for her TV series: To prosecute lone pistillate directors, successful an manufacture wherever women, peculiarly women of color, person had fewer inroads. "Sunday Morning" contributor Mark Whitaker talks with DuVernay, Oprah Winfrey (whose OWN transmission broadcasts the series), and with respective of the show's directors, galore of whose dreams are now, finally, becoming reality.

For much info:

"Queen Sugar" connected OWNArrayFollow Ava DuVernay connected Twitter, Instagram and FacebookDirector DeMane DavisDirector Shaz Bennett

Director Aurora Guerrero (Instagram)

MISCELLANY: This and That (Video)
Jane Pauley has immoderate updates for "Sunday Morning" viewers.

OPINION: Douglas Brinkley: Our satellite needs different "Rachel Carson moment"
The historiographer says the writer who helped spur the biology question of the 1960s and '70s should beryllium remembered by voters – and the national authorities – who request to recognize clime alteration is the superior situation of our time.

For much info:

"Silent Spring Revolution: John F. Kennedy, Rachel Carson, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and the Great Environmental Awakening" by Douglas Brinkley (HarperCollins), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable November 15 via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and

Stunning photos of clime  alteration  Stunning photos of clime change 72 photos

NATURE: Autumn colors successful Arkansas (Extended Video)
We permission you this Sunday greeting with the sights and sounds of autumn astatine the Ouachita National Forest successful Arkansas. Videographer: Scot Miller. 

Web Exclusives: the-wind-blows-the-border.jpg From the documentary "The Wind Blows the Border." DOC NYC

MOVIES: DOC NYC documentary movie festival returns: Real beingness connected screens and astatine home
America's largest non-fiction movie festival is back, some successful New York City theaters and streaming online, presenting much than 200 features and shorts.

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DOC NYC, done November 27 Notable Deaths successful  2022 Notable Deaths successful 2022 109 photos

IN MEMORIAM: Notable Deaths successful 2022
A look backmost astatine the esteemed personalities who near america this year, who'd touched america with their innovation, creativity and humanity.

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