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HEADLINES: Buffalo wide shooting

COVER STORY: Is a assemblage grade worthy it?
Student indebtedness has go a nationalist crisis, with 43 cardinal Americans carrying much than $1.7 trillion successful debt. With immoderate questioning the worth of a assemblage degree, efforts are being made to destruct assemblage from galore corporations' occupation requirements, portion promoting skills grooming for "new-collar jobs." Correspondent David Pogue talks with Wharton School of Business prof Peter Cappelli; Ken Frazier and Ginni Rometty of the OneTen Coalition; and with young radical taking antithetic approaches to higher acquisition and the workforce.

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Peter Cappelli, University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business"Will College Pay Off?: A Guide to the Most Important Financial Decision You'll Ever Make" by Peter Cappelli (PublicAffairs), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieboundOneTen CoalitionGoogle Professional Certificates

HISTORY: Abraham Lincoln's coat, and its hidden, bloody stories
Currently connected show astatine the Metropolitan Museum of Art successful New York City is the overgarment worn by President Abraham Lincoln connected the nighttime helium was assassinated astatine Ford's Theatre successful Washington, D.C. Correspondent Faith Salie talks with the Costume Institute's caput curator Andrew Bolton astir the treasured entity that speaks to calamity successful our nation's history.

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Exhibition: "In America: An Anthology of Fashion," astatine the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City (through September 5)keillor-mason.jpg Writer Garrison Keillor with analogous Anthony Mason. CBS News

HUMOR: Garrison Keillor talks astir #MeToo and a instrumentality to Lake Wobegon
Writer Garrison Keillor is possibly champion known arsenic the unit down the wildly-popular vigor program, "A Prairie Home Companion." But aft retiring from the show, Keillor was accused of intersexual misconduct, causing Minnesota Public Radio, the show's distributor, to sever ties. They person since settled the substance and signed a confidentiality agreement. But Keillor has ne'er stopped writing, and is present backmost connected the roadworthy entertaining his audience. Keillor talks with analogous Anthony Mason astir the allegations of inappropriate behavior, aging, and his caller books: "Serenity astatine 70, Gaiety astatine 80," and his latest postulation of tales from Lake Wobegon, "Boom Town."

READ AN EXCERPT: "Boom Town: A Lake Wobegon Novel" by Garrison Keillor

For much info:"Boom Town: by Garrison Keillor (Prairie Home Productions), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indiebound"Serenity astatine 70, Gaiety astatine 80: Why You Should Keep On Getting Older" by Garrison Keillor (Prairie Home Productions), successful Hardcover, eBook and Audio formats, disposable via Amazon and garrisonkeillor.comLive Events Schedule

PASSAGE: In memoriam

jose-andres.jpg Chef José Andrés' World Central Kitchen has been providing assistance to Ukrainians suffering from the Russian penetration of their country.  CBS News

WORLD: José Andrés connected operating successful a warfare zone
Chef José Andrés and his non-profit World Central Kitchen person provided a captious lifeline successful catastrophe areas, serving much than 60 cardinal meals, from earthquake-ravaged Haiti to hurricane-battered Houston. Now they are giving assistance successful Ukraine, the archetypal clip cook Andrés and his radical person operated successful a warfare zone. Correspondent Tracy Smith talked with Andrés astir his mission; and with manager Ron Howard astir his caller documentary profiling Andrés and his organization, "We Feed People."

To ticker a trailer for "We Feed People" click connected the video subordinate below.

We Feed People | Official Trailer | Disney+ by National Geographic on YouTube

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joseandres.comWorld Central Kitchen"We Feed People" debuts connected Disney+ May 27

COMMENTARY: Rita Braver connected her 50 years astatine CBS News
As she marks a half-century astatine the quality organization, the seasoned broadcaster talks astir her tenure arsenic a producer, a White House reporter, and a analogous for "Sunday Morning," covering newsmakers and planetary events, and the inspiring stories of mundane people.

lionel-richie-d-1920.jpg Grammy-winner Lionel Richie.   CBS News

MUSIC: Lionel Richie connected his "amazing ride"
The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, pb vocalist of the Commodores, solo artist, and "American Idol" justice is being awarded the Library of Congress' 2022 Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. Lionel Richie talks with analogous Kelefa Sanneh astir his 50-year career, from opening for Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, to his solo success, and however a caller procreation of fans sees him.

For much info: | Tour info"American Idol" (ABC)Gershwin Prize for Popular Song (Library of Congress)che-21.jpg CBS News' Tony Dokoupil with "Saturday Night Live" prima Michael Che, connected the signifier astatine the drama nine Caroline's connected Broadway successful New York City.  CBS News

TV: Michael Che connected arguable comedy: "As agelong arsenic radical are talking it's not each that bad."
"Saturday Night Live" prima and writer Michael Che, the archetypal Black anchor of "Weekend Update," and prima of the HBO series, "That Damn Michael Che," says standup is his first, and deepest, emotion – and calls drama thing of a magic trick. Che talks with CBS News' Tony Dokoupil astir increasing up a "very curious" child; taking successful feedback online (even erstwhile it hurts); and wherefore he's "just trying to turn up and not get killed."

For much info:"Saturday Night Live" (NBC)"That Damn Michael Che" (HBO)tatami.jpg In Japan tatami level mats are a nexus to a thousand-year-old tradition.  CBS News

POSTCARD FROM JAPAN: Japan's tatami mats, a home-grown tradition
In Japan, grass-and-straw tatami mats – erstwhile a privilege reserved for the elite – person been a cardinal diagnostic of architecture since the Middle Ages, crafted by talented artisans. But now, with inexpensive knockoffs and changing lifestyles, the manufacture is astatine a crossroads. Correspondent Lucy Craft reports.

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Tatami mat shaper Takashi MoritaTatami artisan Kenze Yamada (Instagram)Architect Azby Brown

NATURE: Bison successful South Dakota's Custer State Park

Here Comes The Sun: Author and screenwriter Delia Ephron and dumpster art 21:38

"HERE COMES THE SUN": Author and screenwriter Delia Ephron and dumpster creation (Video)
Author and screenwriter Delia Ephron sits down with Dr. Jon LaPook to sermon love, the nonaccomplishment of her sister and her triumph implicit cancer. We besides person a communicative astir a antheral who stumbled crossed millions of dollars' worthy of art.

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