“They Attack People Viciously and Personally Why, Because the Left Can’t Win on the Facts. Their Agenda Is Insane” – Senate Candidate and Former Governor Eric Greitens

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Eric Greitens joined The Joe Hoft Show connected Monday and discussed the implications to escaped code with the merchantability of Twitter to Elon Musk.  The 2 besides discussed the question to regenerate RINOs successful DC with politicians who volition marque America Great Again.

Former Governor Eric Greitens, who is moving for US Senate successful Missouri was connected the Real Talk Radio Network yesterday and helium shared the following.

The Constitution is fundamental.  The archetypal amendment is everyone’s God-given close and what person we had successful this country?  We’ve had Big Tech moving manus successful manus with extremist leftists and RINOs to suppress existent patriotic voices.  It’s happened to The Gateway Pundit.  It’s happened to Steve Bannon.  It’s happened to you and everyone who’s dug into predetermination integrity.  It’s happened to me, and truthful of people that’s what we see.  We’ve got this large news.

Greitens adjacent discussed shooting guns with Donald Trump Jr – spot tweet below:

TRENDING: BREAKING: IT'S OFFICIAL! TWITTER IS SOLD! Twitter Shares Halted Pending News of Sale - Company Sold to Elon Musk for $44 Billion

Striking fearfulness into the hearts of liberals, RINOs, and the fake media.

Great time of shooting successful Missouri with [email protected]! It’s clip to Make America Great Again, Again. pic.twitter.com/urMdIS7KX4

— Eric Greitens (@EricGreitens) April 25, 2022

Unfortunately, Big Tech conscionable flooded this tweet with Big Tech negativity.

The bully quality is that radical are going to places similar your amusement Joe.  They’re speechmaking pieces astatine The Gateway Pundit.  They’re going retired to get the existent information astir what’s happening successful the United States of America, due to the fact that they’ve seen however Big Tech and the propaganda property are ever lying to us…

…They don’t onslaught radical due to the fact that they disagree with their policies.  They onslaught radical viciously and personally why, due to the fact that the near can’t triumph connected the facts.  Their docket is insane.  All of it is insane.  The full leftist agenda…

…The near is actively trying to destruct this country…There tin beryllium nary illusion.

See the full speech below.