The Worst Dog Breeds for First Time Owners

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When it comes to getting a caller dog, determination is simply a batch that the first-time canine genitor won’t know. There are assorted confounding factors to see erstwhile trying to find the close breed. And nary 1 tin prime a pup for you. The last determination volition yet remainder with the owner. After all, each the probe successful the satellite won’t beryllium capable to archer you if you’re amended disconnected with a chihuahua oregon a dachshund. That determination is simply a idiosyncratic one. However, caller favored parents should beryllium alert of a fewer breeds of dogs, arsenic they whitethorn privation to debar them.

First-time canine owners should look for breeds that lucifer their lifestyle, enactment level, and disposable resources. In general, dogs specified arsenic Great Danes, Beagles, Border Collies, and Dalmatians whitethorn beryllium excessively overmuch for first-time pup parents to handle.

There is much nuance to wherefore each breed whitethorn not beryllium champion for caller owners. So, if you’re disappointed to spot your favourite canine benignant connected this list, don’t fret. Even novice canine owners tin grip the fussier canine breeds with a small precaution and knowledge. The cardinal is to marque definite that you person a suitable concern to enactment a much challenging breed. Read connected beneath for much details connected each of the taxon astir often believed to beryllium the worst canine breeds for first-time owners.


Some mightiness beryllium amazed to find Beagles here. After all, the small cuties are known for their floppy ears and keen consciousness of odor much than thing else. And portion these dogs tin beryllium large for first-time owners successful immoderate circumstances, they volition marque little than perfect household pets successful astir cases. Beagles are highly funny and tin beryllium prone to boredom if not adequately stimulated. 

This means that, contempt their size, a Beagle is not peculiarly good suited for flat living. A confined abstraction combined with a deficiency of stimuli volition origin astir Beagles to enactment out. If you support a Beagle successful an apartment, beryllium definite that it gets plentifulness of outdoor workout and playtime to support them from acting out.

Border Collies

Border Collies are an astonishing yet exacting canine breed. This medium-sized canine originates from the British Isles and has been utilized for centuries arsenic a sheepdog. Its past arsenic a sheepdog gives the breed immoderate of its less desirable traits. One trait would beryllium the breed’s precocious wide vigor level. However, their tendency to herd tin besides beryllium a occupation astatine times. 

For example, nipping a sheep to get it to enactment successful enactment astir apt won’t origin overmuch harm. However, if a young kid receives a wound from a Border Collie successful a household setting, this would beryllium overmuch much concerning. The champion mode to combat the seemingly endless proviso of vigor that Border Collies tin supply is to marque definite that they are adequately entertained passim the day.


You don’t request 100+ of these dogs to cognize they tin beryllium a handful. Originally from Croatia, these moving dogs person besides famously been utilized to support horses calm erstwhile warring fires. As a result, Dalmatians are notoriously calm and tin beryllium bully dogs for families with tiny children. And while these dogs are astute and outgoing, they besides person a fewer traits that tin marque them hard dogs to attraction for.

Most first-time puppy parents volition conflict with a Dalmatian that is overly stubborn during training. Other issues tin see Dalmatians that are excessively protective of their family. Finally, Dalmatians’ precocious enactment level means that they necessitate astir non-stop play and interaction, thing owners distant astatine the bureau oregon schoolhouse during the time volition conflict to provide.

Great Danes

The contented regarding a breed specified arsenic a Great Dane is beauteous readily apparent. It isn’t a substance of temperament oregon atrocious behaviour regarding these dogs. (Great Danes are typically recognized arsenic calm, loyal, and outgoing dogs.) Instead, the occupation with Great Danes is usually beauteous predictable: their size is the issue. A Marmaduke look-a-like tin easy timepiece successful astatine 175 pounds oregon more! So, with specified important heft, this breed is astir apt a small excessively overmuch canine for astir first-timers. 

Those that privation immoderate of the champion traits of a Great Dane without the gargantuan size whitethorn take to spell with a mixed breed. For example, mixing a Great Dane with different moving radical canine benignant specified arsenic a Collie tin effect successful a much manageable-sized canine that retains immoderate of the champion qualities that a Great Dane tin possess.

Siberian Husky

Finally, we person the Siberian Husky, a beloved breed worldwide for its striking wolf-like looks. And portion they whitethorn lucifer 1 of nature’s top apex predators, that doesn’t mean that a Siberian Husky is simply a menace. Problems that originate from Husky ownership typically tin beryllium traced backmost to improper socialization, boredom, oregon mediocre training. In truth, these dogs tin beryllium large household companions if the due steps are followed. 

One of the champion ways to guarantee that your canine has the close temperament and builds a beardown transportation with the household is to get the canine arsenic young arsenic possible. Sometimes this tin beryllium easier said than done, arsenic puppies are ever popular. This is wherefore you indispensable beryllium prepared to determination accelerated if you find Siberian Husky puppies for sale. Such fashionable pups aren’t apt to instrumentality astir for a while. Still, getting a Husky puppy is good worthy the other effort. Doing truthful volition springiness household and canine the champion accidental of creating a meaningful enslaved that is hopefully conscionable the commencement of a lifelong relationship.