The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap: What to Know Before Season 3

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RHOSLC Season 3: Jen Shah's Legal Battle Put connected Blast

A snowstorm of play is headed to The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

The Bravo series' season 3 trailer teased respective melodramatic moments successful store for returning Housewives Heather Gay, Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks, Whitney Rose and Jen Shah, arsenic good arsenic caller "friends of" Angie Harrington, Angie Katsanevas and Danna Bui-Negrete.

One specified infinitesimal includes Heather appearing with a achromatic oculus and implying 1 of her co-stars is liable for it. And portion that is definite to beryllium a large storyline, the season's main play volition apt revolve astir Jen's federal fraud case. However, we already cognize however that story ends.

A week earlier her lawsuit was acceptable to spell to trial, Jen plead guilty to conspiracy to perpetrate ligament fraud and wealth laundering successful national tribunal connected July 11. She could look a maximum of 30 years successful situation if convicted.

As for however the amusement plans to grip her blameworthy plea? An insider adjacent to accumulation exclusively told E! News on July 13 that nary cameras were contiguous successful the courtroom for Jen's plea, but revealed that "production changeable confessionals connected the women's reactions that volition apt beryllium a portion of play three."

With each that and much successful store this season, there's a batch of info fans request to retrieve up of the show's Sept. 28 return. Luckily, we've got you covered.

Scroll beneath to drawback up connected everything you request to cognize earlier RHOSLC play three, from formed firings and controversies to blistery mic gossip and more.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City premieres Wednesday, Sept. 28, astatine 9 p.m. connected Bravo.

(E! and Bravo are some portion of the NBCUniversal family.)


A Visit From the Feds

The titular infinitesimal of the play played retired connected a autobus that was primitively meant to instrumentality Jen Shah, Heather Gay, Whitney Rose, Lisa Barlow and Jennie Nguyen to Vail, Colo. However, soon aft boarding, Jen got an ominous telephone telephone and instantly left. 

Then came Homeland Security, NYPD officers and respective SWAT squad members. 

As the women came to larn erstwhile they departed Salt Lake City, Jen had been arrested for her alleged involvement successful a nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme—she has since plead not guilty to the charges—and arsenic the cameras were rolling, fans were capable to witnesser the group's genuine reactions arsenic they tried to marque consciousness of everything. 


The Raid

Jen's actual arrest was shocking successful itself. Even though Bravo's cameras didn't seizure her being handcuffed, doorbell information camera footage showed several instrumentality enforcement officials raiding her location with rifles drawn.

Later, Jen could beryllium seen exiting jail. 


"Little Girl"

Mary Cosby's Italian cooking people descended into chaos aft she refused to fto Whitney disconnected the hook for not answering her telephone the erstwhile day. She had already sent Whitney a antithetic invitation than the different ladies arsenic punishment, instructing her to deterioration Mafia attire alternatively of Italian streetwear, but Whitney didn't autumn for it, and that lone infuriated Mary adjacent more. 

The brace went backmost and distant arsenic the radical dined, and contempt Whitney's repeated instances that she was driving carpool erstwhile Mary called, Mary ne'er fto up, alternatively dismissing Whitney arsenic a "little girl" earlier telling her to leave.

Fred Hayes/Bravo

The Mysterious Church of Mary

Mary's religion and her familial ties to the religion she inherited from her grandma Rosemary person agelong puzzled viewers, particularly aft it was revealed that she earned said inheritance by marrying Rosemary's husband, a.k.a. her step-grandfather, Robert Cosby Sr.

This season, the ladies of RHOSLC began to inquire questions—namely, is Mary moving a cult? Lisa was particularly suspicious aft 1 of her friends alleged that he gave the Cosbys astir $300,000—which required him to owe his house—and aboriginal left the church because helium was suffering from "extreme spiritual trauma." 

The cult allegations can't truly beryllium pegged to 1 singular infinitesimal arsenic the formed has discussed the substance connected respective occasions, and volition astir surely proceed to bash truthful as at the reunion.

For Mary's part, she has fiercely denied the rumors astir her and her church. "I'm not God," she told Lisa successful 1 episode. "I worship the God successful me."

Natalie Cass/Bravo

The Not-so-Peaceful Peace Lunch

At 1 constituent during Jennie's disastrous luncheon, Heather and Whitney were the lone remaining Housewives sitting astatine the table. Everyone other stormed off—Meredith chasing aft Mary, Lisa seeking retired Meredith—but the play truly kicked disconnected once they were each backmost together.

Whitney called retired the radical for being fake, and soon, it was astir arsenic if the ladies were competing to spot who said the worst happening astir Jen aft her arrest. Mary, meanwhile, insisted she had ne'er said a atrocious connection astir Jen—something that Jennie instantly called B.S. on. After all, who could hide Mary offensively comparing Jen and her household to "thugs" and a Mexican drug cartel?

Natalie Cass/Bravo

A Reckoning Over Racism

It was glossed implicit astatine the time, but during the luncheon, Mary made several racially insensitive comments astir Jennie's facial features. Jennie later confronted Mary and explained wherefore her remarks were offensive, and portion the different ladies backed her up, Meredith remained soundless the aforesaid mode she had erstwhile Mary imitated Jennie's accent successful beforehand of her.

Many fans took to societal media to express their disappointment successful some Mary and Meredith, prompting the second to tweet, "It's not good to imitate someone's accent," and "I aboriginal talked to Mary 1 connected 1 successful hopes that would beryllium productive. I besides made definite Jennie knew that she has my support. Please beryllium diligent #rhoslc." 

Mary, however, saw things differently. "Really Meredith??" she replied connected Twitter. "You had a speech with maine hoping it would beryllium productive!! You was there…you seen I was coming from a spot of a compliment! Stop acting similar your teaching me."

Natalie Cass/Bravo

An Off-Screen Controversy

Jennie landed successful blistery h2o herself aft racially-insensitive societal media posts from 2020 surfaced connected Jan. 19, 2022. She issued an apology that aforesaid day, calling the posts—many of which were captious of the Black Lives Matter movement pursuing the decease of George Floyd—"offensive," adding that she was "sincerely atrocious for the pain" they caused. 

On Jan. 25, Jennie was officially fired from RHOSLC.

"Bravo has ceased filming with Jennie Nguyen and she volition nary longer beryllium a formed subordinate connected The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City," the web said successful the statement. "We admit we failed to instrumentality due enactment erstwhile her violative societal media posts were brought to our attention."

All of Jennie's RHOSLC co-stars but for Mary shared their ain statements connected the matter, with Jen calling the newcomer's apology "disingenuous," Heather admitting she was "deeply shocked" by the "blatantly racist and derogatory statements reshared and liked by 1 of my chap castmates," and Lisa expressing her "disappointment" with the posts that "were harmful and hurtful to a assemblage I love." 


Busgate 2.0

Tensions betwixt Jen and Lisa came to a caput connected yet different autobus thrust from hell. En way to Zion, Utah, the 2 sparred implicit Lisa's competing loyalties to Jen and Meredith, and things yet became truthful heated that a shaper had to measurement successful and physically restrain Jen arsenic Lisa shouted, "Come on! You privation to f--k maine up? F--k maine up!" 

Both women continued to outcry astatine each different aft being separated, but thankfully, they ne'er traded immoderate existent blows.

Fred Hayes/Bravo

Meredith vs. Lisa

Tension had been brewing betwixt longtime BFFs Lisa and Meredith Marks each season—namely due to the fact that of Lisa's relationship with Jen. As Meredith told Mary connected one episode, "She calls maine her champion friend, we are similar sisters, [but] she's go friends with Jen implicit the past year. It's been precise bizarre. You cognize what [Jen's] done with my child."

Meredith was referring to Jen liking homophobic tweets about her lad Brooks, which Jen has since apologized for.

Then there's the statement astir Meredith's late father's memorial service. Some of the ladies theorized that she had lied astir it due to the fact that she was progressive successful Jen's arrest, which occurred astir the aforesaid time, but Meredith vehemently denied the assertion and was of the sentiment that Lisa was liable for spreading it. This, on with Lisa continuing to consciousness that Meredith ne'er sticks up for her, led to the eventual blowout successful Zion.


The Hot Mic Moment Heard 'Round the World

But earlier Lisa and Meredith traded harsh words connected the Zion trip, determination was the blistery mic infinitesimal to extremity each blistery mic moments. "Meredith tin spell f--k herself," Lisa said down closed doors. "I'm done with her 'cause I'm not a f--king whore and I don't cheat connected my husband."

The rant went connected arsenic Lisa continued to marque allegations astir Meredith's family. "Her and her dumb f--king household that poses," she added. "Why don't you ain a house? Oh wait, you can't, due to the fact that your hubby changes jobs each 5 minutes. Fake Meredith is simply a portion of s--t...f--k you! That f--king portion of s--t garbage whore. I f--king hatred her. She's a whore. She's f--ked fractional of New York! She tin spell f--k herself."

Meredith responded to the comments connected WWHL, denying the accusations and telling big Andy Cohen she was still trying to "decipher" what precisely Lisa meant, particularly with respect to the "f--ked fractional of New York" allegation.

"Maybe it's projecting?" Meredith said. "I don't truly know."

"I cognize Seth and I person been precise honest. We've had moments wherever we dated different people," she continued, making a notation to her 2019 separation from her husband. "We person not dated a batch of different people. I could not adjacent person 10 boyfriends, due to the fact that I've ne'er slept with 10 radical successful my life."

Chad Kirkland/Bravo

A Skipped Reunion and Its Consequences

The play 2 reunion has yet to air, but we already cognize that Mary won't beryllium present. She took to societal media successful mid-January to explain wherefore she skipped retired connected the event, saying, "The lone happening I person to accidental astir the reunion is I didn't spell due to the fact that it was one-sided. Everyone heard 1 broadside of what they felt...I mean, they told lies, 1 broadside of my story."

She's since been fired from RHOSLC and volition not instrumentality for play three. A root adjacent to production told E! connected Feb. 4, "Mary has not been filming and accumulation has nary plans to movie with her for play three. She knew her destiny connected the amusement by not showing up astatine the reunion."

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