The oldest shipyard in the US will build Vita’s new LION high performance electric boat

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Vita, a shaper of show electric boats and electrified marine powertrains, announced its flagship model, the LION, volition beryllium manufactured successful Maine by Hodgdon Yachts – the oldest shipyard successful the United States. When it begins oversea trials this summer, the LION volition boast awesome marine propulsion specs.

Vita is simply a marine exertion institution separated into 2 divisions – Vita Yachts which designs and produces show electrical boats, and Vita Power which develops the all-electric powertrains that propel them.

Since being founded successful 2017, Vita has joined the increasing quest to bring much sustainable means of question to our planet’s waters.

The company’s archetypal prototype, the nine-meter Vita IX, won successful some velocity and endurance classes astatine the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge successful 2018 and was followed by much occurrence successful Monaco a twelvemonth aboriginal with its 10-meter Electrix time vessel prototype.

In 2020, Vita introduced the LION – a speedy, 10.5-meter show electrical time vessel slotted for accumulation arsenic Vita’s flagship model. Following today’s news, we present cognize that this upcoming show electrical vessel volition beryllium built successful the United States earlier it begins oversea trials this summer.

Vita LION show electrical vessel to beryllium built successful Maine

Vita announced its caller concern with Hodgdon Yachts successful a caller property release, outlining each the effort going into the upcoming LION time boat.

The vas itself has been engineered and powered by Vita successful the UK, designed by BorromeodeSilva successful Milan, and volition present beryllium built by Hodgdon Yachts successful Maine, astatine the oldest shipyard successful the United States. The shipyard was founded successful 1816 and remains household owned to this day. Rory Trahair, CEO of the Yachts Division spoke astir Vita’s caller partner:

Our imaginativeness was to make a vessel with nary compromise successful presumption of idiosyncratic experience, show and functionality portion besides ensuring the slightest interaction imaginable connected the marine situation successful which it operates. This collaboration with Hodgdon combines our method innovation and their centuries of craftsmanship astatine the highest levels to nutrient the astir precocious electrical powerboat built to date

The LION itself tin accommodate up to 8 passengers successful its ample cockpit that tin beryllium converted to a eating area. In summation to a prima pad, shower, and swimming ladder, the 10.5-meter-long LION show electrical vessel features an enclosed compartment with a time bed, time caput (toilet), and sink.

performance electrical  vessel  specsSource: VitaVita LION specs

Now for the bully stuff. When it begins production, the Vita LION volition beryllium capable to scope a apical velocity implicit 35 knots (40.3 mph) and a cruising velocity of 22 knots (25.3 mph). This powerfulness comes from Vita Power’s V4 electrical propulsion strategy which besides delivers 590 highest horsepower.

The strategy is powered by an onboard artillery capableness of 233 kWh that enactment some AC and DC charging via CCS protocol. In fact, Vita states that the LION tin replenish its artillery successful nether an hr connected a DCFC with the assistance of Aqua superPower. Phase 3 AC charging takes astir 5 hours to replenish.

A typical for Vita told america that autonomy astatine the LION’s cruising velocity of 22 knots is 1 hr and 30 minutes, but taxable to upwind conditions and payload onboard the electrical boat. At mixed speeds, Vita says the show electrical vessel tin enactment retired each time connected a azygous charge

According to Vita, it volition execute oversea trials successful the South of France with the LION precocious show electrical vessel this summer. Vita’s squad besides said determination are immoderate oversea trials planned for the United States arsenic well. Stay tuned connected that arsenic we anticipation to attend.

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