The New York Times Struggles With Russian and Ukrainian Strawmen

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I ne'er cease to beryllium amazed by the utter nonaccomplishment of journalists to assemble facts. I deliberation it boils down to laziness. Why should you bash immoderate autarkic probe oregon reasoning that requires you to spell to the beforehand lines erstwhile you tin gobble up and regurgitate pre-packaged talking points? You get paid the aforesaid and hell, you mightiness adjacent get a Pulitzer if you are the astir enthusiastic purveyor of authorities bullshit. A caller portion successful the New York Times, Russia’s Shortfalls Create an Opportunity for Ukraine, Western Officials Say, illustrates this phenomenon. Here are the salient points from the nonfiction by Julian Barnes and Eric Schmitt:

Now, arsenic the warring enters its sixth month, captious manpower and instrumentality problems could again dilatory Russian operations and springiness Ukraine’s counteroffensive a amended accidental to succeed, U.S. and European officials said. The signs of Russia’s challenges abound: artillery shells missing their targets, intercepts of Russian soldiers complaining they person been fixed aged tanks and a sharply rising decease and wounded toll successful its subject ranks. . . . U.S. and European officials accidental fewer powers person conquered a state and destroyed an opposing service with a mostly unpaid force, arsenic President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia is attempting to do. But Mr. Putin has shown nary indications that helium wants immoderate benignant of full-scale draft, which would magnitude to an admittance to his state that the combat successful Ukraine volition beryllium a agelong war, not a abbreviated operation. Russia has committed astir 85 percent of its fielded service to the combat successful Ukraine, drafting connected troops from the country’s acold eastbound and deployments astir the world, a elder Defense Department authoritative said recently. The Russian military, European officials said, has been hard-pressed to bring reservists and caller recruits into the fight. Estimates of however galore Russian soldiers person been killed scope from 15,000 to much than 20,000, with thousands much injured oregon missing. Even taking the blimpish number, according to U.S. and allied quality officials, Russia has mislaid much soldiers this twelvemonth than the Soviet Union mislaid successful astir a decennary of warring successful Afghanistan. In its hunt for recruits, Russia has had to little its standards, Western quality officials said. Mr. Putin signed a instrumentality eliminating the property bounds for Russians to motion their archetypal declaration to articulation the military. Western officials besides said they person assessed that the Russian subject is lowering wellness and fittingness standards and giving waivers to radical with transgression records to join.

Man, speech astir the intelligence rule of “projection.” The New York Times is ascribing to Russia the precise things that are happening to Ukraine. Weird. Let’s commencement with the Barnes/Schmitt assertion that Russia has committed “85 percent of its fielded service to the combat successful Ukraine.” How is your mathematics ability? Russia’s service is 850,000 beardown with 250,000 successful reserve. What is 85% of 850,000 (think of this arsenic a assemblage entranceway exam)? That’s right–722,500. There is ZERO grounds that Russia has that galore troops connected the crushed successful the Donbas and confederate Ukraine. In fact, Russia is pushing up with its “Vostok 2022 (East 2022) workout scheduled for Aug. 30-Sept. 5 volition impact troops connected maneuvers astatine 13 firing ranges of the Eastern Military District.“ There is nary mode a Russian service decimated by the Ukrainians and hanging connected by its fingernails could spend to nonstop remaining troops to the Far East for warfare games. The intrepid NY Times’ scribe neglect to notation that the bulk of the warring connected the crushed successful the Donbas is carried retired by the militias of Donetsk and Luhansk Republics. Russian forces are handling artillery batteries, flying drones, fixed helping combat jets and rotary helping craft (i.e., helicopters). That does not necessitate 700,000 positive troops. There is nary grounds that Russia is sending middle-aged reservists and caller recruits to the beforehand to beryllium chewed up arsenic cannon fodder. That grant is reserved for the mediocre louts successful Ukraine who get scooped up by information constabulary and dragooned into service. The video grounds of that is extensive. If Russian troops truly are truthful beleaguered, truthful worn down and truthful dispirited (as claimed by Messrs. Barnes & Schmitt), past wherefore is Ukraine retreating and ceding territory to specified a motley crew? Note the weasel words successful 1 of the opening paragraphs of the Barnes/Scmitt phantasy piece:

critical manpower and instrumentality problems could again dilatory Russian operations and springiness Ukraine’s counteroffensive a amended accidental to succeed, U.S. and European officials said.

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The U.S. and European officials are relying connected HOPE–hope that unit shortages and old, worn retired instrumentality dilatory the Russian advance. A newsman worthy a damn should person asked, “what is the grounds of unit shortages?” Russia is not a totalitarian state. Russia has not unopen down absorption media and governmental parties. Ukraine has done that. So wherever is the societal media showing a rising tide of disgruntled Russians being forced to enactment connected the azygous and past being compelled to amusement up connected the beforehand lines without capable training? I person not seen it. Have you? Please guardant if you got it and please, nary video crippled footage. That does not count. Are you acquainted with the refrain, “If if and buts were candy and nuts it would beryllium Christmas everyday.” That seems to beryllium the presumption of the unnamed U.S. and European officials desperately hoping that Ukraine’s cardinal antheral violative against Kherson volition succeed. Only respective small problems. Ukraine is having a dickens of a clip scraping unneurotic that mythical cardinal antheral army. And if they bash win successful rounding up that galore sentient fellows, however volition they get due grooming portion Russia continues to deed Ukrainian grooming bases with missiles, rockets and shells? And what astir those pesky Russian artillery shells that are “missing their targets?” Are we talking most, immoderate oregon a few? Barnes and Schmitt are an incurious duo. They forgot to inquire for that information. Perhaps if they had gone to Pesky and counted the fig of incoming Russian shells and past counted up the misses past they would person had rather a story. I tin spot the header now, “Russia’s Shitty Shooting–Only 10% of Shells Hit the Target.” Not hard to bash that benignant of reporting if you get disconnected of your lazy behind, strap connected immoderate assemblage armor and study to the front. But Barnes and Schmitt did not bash that. However, I volition springiness them recognition for reporting from a combat zone. Other reporting does corroborate that galore parts of New York City are veritable combat zones. It is unsafe to instrumentality a subway oregon conscionable stroll down the thoroughfare dodging sucker punches and stateless guys urinating with abandon. I conjecture they trust connected that world to warrant getting information pay.

Late breaking–CBS News seemingly awakened from its drunken slumber and decided to study connected what Ukraine is doing with the billions of dollars of weapons the United States and NATO are sending to Zelensky and his pack of thieves.

You tin ticker the afloat study here ( Judging from the covering the newsman and his colleagues are wearing, the movie was changeable successful April oregon aboriginal May.