The nationwide push for unions expands to Capitol Hill

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For a decade, moving connected Capitol Hill seemed similar a imagination occupation for Rich Luchette. But helium knew it was thing helium couldn't proceed doing for long. 

"Every day, you travel to enactment successful the Capitol. You're moving successful a surviving depository astatine aforesaid clip successful my archetypal job, I made $33K. I was surviving successful an flat with assemblage friends. It wasn't uncommon to get a repast astatine 7-11," helium told CBS News Nikole Killion. 

He yet reached his breaking constituent soon aft helium worked during the January 6 insurrection.

"Working agelong hours, moving done COVID-19 and past connected apical of that the January 6 insurrection — it conscionable got to a constituent wherever I enjoyed my clip present but it was clip for maine to go," helium said. 

Luchette wasn't the lone 1 to leave. Last year, turnover among House staffers reached its highest complaint successful astatine slightest 20 years. A caller study recovered astir 1 successful 8 legislature staffers marque little than a surviving wage. 

The House passed a solution Tuesday nighttime allowing congressional unit to unionize. House staffers volition beryllium capable to articulation a union, if they choose, but it isn't a request nether the resolution.  

"It's a truly large woody to accidental conscionable arsenic a substance of law, you, staffers of Capitol Hill person the close to signifier a union," said Michigan Rep. Andy Levin, who introduced the measure. 

It comes amid a reinvigorated question implicit labour rights arsenic workers instrumentality connected immoderate of the biggest corporations successful the country, including Amazon and Starbucks.

Despite caller benefits incentives from Starbucks, employees person conducted national drives astatine implicit 200 stores. 

This spring, Amazon workers established the archetypal national successful the online retailer's astir 28-year past astatine a warehouse successful Staten Island. But the propulsion for unionization is drafting attraction and scrutiny from immoderate Republican lawmakers. 

Christian Smalls, the president of the Amazon Labor Union, believes unions don't impact a circumstantial governmental enactment astatine all. 

"It's not a Democrat oregon Republican thing. It's a workers thing," Smalls said.  

For Luchette, the enactment by Congress is an important accidental helium privation had years ago.  

"If you're asking bash I privation I had been a national subordinate 10 years agone erstwhile I was making 33,000 a year? Absolutely... There's a designation that radical who enactment hard should beryllium capable to supply for themselves," helium said.  

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