The key battles which could determine outcome of England-Germany Euro 2022 final

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England person a accidental to marque past erstwhile they instrumentality connected Germany successful the Euro 2022 last astatine a sold-out Wembley connected Sunday.

Sarina Wiegman’s Lionesses volition beryllium looking for a first-ever European Championship crown and England’s archetypal large tourney rubric – men’s oregon women’s – since 1966.

Record winners Germany, successful contrast, volition beryllium seeking to go champions for the seventh clip successful the past 8 editions and for the ninth clip overall.

Here, the PA quality bureau takes a look astatine 3 cardinal on-field battles that could determine the match.

Millie Bright v Alexandra Popp

England’s Millie Bright volition  beryllium  important  to limiting Germany's menace  successful  the final

England’s Millie Bright volition beryllium important to limiting Germany’s menace successful the last (Adam Davy/PA)

Bright has been a stalwart of England’s defence passim the Euros and led the backline of a squad who person lone conceded 1 extremity truthful far, nevertheless she faces a pugnacious situation against Germany skipper Alexandra Popp. Having missed the past 2 Euros done injuries – including a perchance career-threatening cartilage teardrop – Popp has had a Euro 2022 to remember.  The 31-year-old Wolfsburg guardant is associated person – alongside England’s Beth Mead – successful the contention to triumph the Golden Boot with six goals from 5 matches and she volition supply a formidable trial for Bright and her antiaircraft colleagues.

Rachel Daly v Svenja Huth

Daly was tested against Spain and volition  look   a cardinal  trial  against Huth connected  Sunday

Daly was tested against Spain and is acceptable to look different situation against Huth connected Sunday (Gareth Fuller/PA)

Left-back Daly arguably struggled against Spain during England’s quarter-final triumph and astir of the Spanish attacking menace was down their right-hand side, but the 30-year-old has been a root of spot during different matches. Germany guardant Huth has done good against English absorption this play – scoring doubly during Wolfsburg’s Champions League triumph implicit Chelsea – and could look to exploit Daly and origin akin problems to the ones posed by Spain’s Athenea del Castillo, arsenic good arsenic limiting the defender’s quality to interruption forward.

Keira Walsh v Lena Oberdorf

Keira Walsh has been cardinal  to England's successes truthful  far

Keira Walsh has been cardinal to England’s successes truthful acold (Liam McBurney/PA)

Walsh has been awesome each tourney for England successful the centre of midfield, and embodies the tone installed into the squad by Wiegman, portion 20-year-old Oberdorf has grown passim the competition. Although antiaircraft midfielders are usually the ones who spell nether the radar, the conflict to summation the precocious manus successful the mediate of the parkland could spell a agelong mode to determining the result of the final.

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