The Important Reason Katie Couric Is Sharing Her Breast Cancer Story

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After being diagnosed with bosom crab successful June, Katie Couric is sharing her travel successful hopes of reminding others to spot their wellness first. Find retired much astir her touching communicative below.

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Katie Couric wants to accent the value of getting wellness screenings.
In a profoundly idiosyncratic effort posted on her website Sept. 28, the 65-year-old shared that she was diagnosed with bosom crab earlier this year. One time after Katie completed her mammogram successful mid-June, her doc shared the biopsy results, telling her that she's "going to beryllium fine," but needed to marque a attraction plan, of which included country to region a tumor and radiation that began earlier this month.
Amid her wellness journey, the writer is urging women to implicit their mammograms arsenic they are due. "Please get your yearly mammogram," the former Today host wrote. "I was six months precocious this time. I shudder to deliberation what mightiness person happened if I had enactment it disconnected longer. But conscionable arsenic importantly, delight find retired if you request further screenings."
She continued, "I can't archer you however galore times during this acquisition I thanked God that it was 2022. And however galore times I silently thanked each the dedicated scientists who person been moving their asses disconnected to make amended ways to analyse and dainty bosom cancer."

"But to reap the benefits of modern medicine," she added. "We request to enactment connected apical of our screenings, advocator for ourselves, and marque definite everyone has entree to the diagnostic tools that could precise good prevention their life."

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As Katie—who aft losing her hubby Jay Monahan to colon crab successful 1998, aired her colonoscopy on Today in 2000—noted, her travel "seemed unusual to not usage arsenic different teachable infinitesimal that could prevention someone's life."
Moving forward, Katie explained she would beryllium utilizing her media level to supply arsenic overmuch accusation for others arsenic possible.

"During the period of October, we'll beryllium covering each facet of bosom cancer: the latest diagnostic tools, treatments, and prevention strategies arsenic good arsenic sharing first-person accounts," she concluded. "And of course, I'll person much connected what I'm learning arsenic I navigate my ain diagnosis."

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