The First The Resort Trailer Is a Thrilling Take on a Vacation Gone Wrong

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Cristin Milioti, William Jackson Harper, Skyler Gisondo and much prima successful Peacock's The Resort, a mysterious amusement acceptable astatine a Mexican resort.

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Cristin Milioti and William Jackson Harper are checking into The Resort for a not truthful relaxing vacation.

In the archetypal trailer for Peacock's The Resort, Cristin and William play Emma and Noah, a mates celebrating their 10-year day portion connected abrogation connected the Yucatan Peninsula. At archetypal glance, it seems similar a relaxing and romanticist mode to people this matrimony milestone—at least, until Emma finds a flip telephone successful the mediate of the forest.

The burner belongs to Sam Lawford (Skyler Gisondo), a impermanent who went missing 15 years agone portion visiting the Oceana Vista edifice with his mom, dada and girlfriend. He isn't the lone 1 MIA, though. Around the aforesaid time, a miss named Violet (Nina Bloomgarden) disappeared too.

Adding different furniture to this mystery? Emma and Noah observe a hurricane destroyed the edifice the aforesaid nighttime Sam seemingly fell disconnected the look of the earth. 

Emma's hunt for reply leads her to Violet's father, played by Nick Offerman, who tells the couple, "My girl wanted to walk Christmas here. But she didn't privation to walk it with me."

The trailer raises tons of questions, like were Sam and Violet killed? Is this a cursed hotel? But showrunner Andy Siara promised The Resort isn't going to permission you precocious and dry. "This isn't an, 'I conjecture we'll ne'er cognize what happened benignant of enigma series,'" helium promised Entertainment Weekly. "By the end, you'll get answers to everything."

In fact, viewers tin even play detective as they watch the series. "If you're into dissecting clues on the way," Andy said, "there are capable of them layered throughout—a throwaway line, a prop, a photo, an point of clothing, a euphony cue, a smell—for you to commencement piecing unneurotic the larger puzzle."

The archetypal 3 episodes of The Resort premiere July 28 on Peacock, with the remaining 5 episodes released weekly.

(E! and Peacock are some members of the NBCUniversal family.)

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