The First Teaser For Netflix's Easy-Bake Battle Is Absolutely Delicious

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This bid is thing but half-baked.

Netflix released the trailer for its newest cooking show, Easy-Bake Battle: The Home Cooking Competition—and this isn't your mean bake-off. In this battle—inspired by Hasbro's iconic toy—chefs are encouraged to marque their dishes arsenic casual arsenic pie. 

"I'm present to amusement you that bully nutrient doesn't person to beryllium analyzable oregon fancy," big Antoni Porowski explained in E! News' exclusive clip. "And to observe the unsung heroes of the location kitchen." Finally, immoderate recognition!

One contestant echoed conscionable that, noting, "We bash not springiness capable recognition to the location cooks. I americium cooking everyday—that has gotta number for something!"

And it won't beryllium successful mediocre sensation for competitors to rapidly whip unneurotic their treats.

"These cooks volition usage clever tricks," Porowski said, "to cheat their mode to casual and delicious dishes."

According to the show's synopsis, the series will feature "featuring skilled and ultra clever location cooks, each with a ton of bosom and soul, facing disconnected and utilizing their astir ingenious room hacks to beryllium who tin marque the easiest, fastest, and astir delicious food." And, there's a batch at steak: a $100,000 expansive prize, to beryllium exact.  

Porowski won't beryllium the lone 1 judging these clever cooks. He'll beryllium joined by impermanent judges like Iron Chef's Kristen Kish and Nailed It!'s Jacques Torres. And, according to Netflix, the Queer Eye star was the earthy prime to pb the show, particularly fixed that helium helped transportation and make the bid himself. 

"We got to cognize Antoni connected Queer Eye, and we ever knew determination was much to bash with him," Netflix exec Jenn Levy told Variety successful June. "He makes nutrient ace accessible."

Watch your favourite chefs conflict it retired when Easy-Bake Battle: The Home Cooking Competition drops connected the streamer Oct. 12. 

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