The Burt's Bees PopSocket Is the Brilliant Phone Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

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 Burt's Bees x PopSocket

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Don't you conscionable emotion uncovering random products that marque you go, "Where has this been each my life?" That's precisely however we felt erstwhile we discovered the beingness of the ace convenient PopGrip x Burt's Bees lip balm compact, which is fundamentally a PopSocket with articulator balm. 

One reviewer called it "the champion invention ever," and it's not hard to spot why. The thought is truthful simple, yet wholly genius. PopGrips were already designed to marque your beingness easier by offering a bully grip for texting with 1 hand, taking photos and watching videos hands-free. Now it's even much useful with the summation of the articulator balm compact. You don't person to excavation done your purse successful hunt of lip balm whenever your lips get adust oregon flakey. It's close determination connected your phone. It's cleanable for traveling and it makes for a truly unique gift. 

To larn much and to snag 1 for yourself, cheque retired the below. 

PopSockets PopGrip Lips x Burt's Bees

The exclusive PopGrip Lips X Burt's Bees comes successful six cute patterns similar honeycomb, sunflowers, pinkish peonies and of course, the bee logo. The articulator balm compact is filled with the best-selling (and highly moisturizing!) Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, which is 100& earthy and made from responsibly sourced beeswax, peppermint lipid and vitamin E. Each battalion comes with one PopGrip Lips compact and two Burt's Bees Original Beeswax articulator balm refills. 

Wonder what existent shoppers think? Check retired the pursuing reviews. 

"Great product! This happening is big, but I emotion it. It's truthful convenient to person articulator balm attached to my phone. I ne'er person to interest astir not having immoderate with me."

"Best invention ever! I can't judge idiosyncratic thought of this. Brilliant! I ever person my telephone and truthful I'll ever person my different must-have Burt's Bees!"

"Love having extortion for my lips close connected my phone. It's a large holder portion utilizing the telephone too!"

"The merchandise itself is truly bully for me and I person had it for astir a twelvemonth now. I'm highly unsmooth connected my telephone and it has held up amazing!"

"Love, love, love. I person ever been funny successful purchasing a PopSocket, but I could ne'er truly warrant getting it for myself. That is until I saw determination was 1 with my all-time favourite chapstick built close into it! I've had excavation for a week and person perfectly nary regrets. I emotion having the convenience of a PopSocket and the luxury of having my Burt's Bees connected manus whenever. If you were 2nd guessing buying this product, this is your motion to bash it. You won't regret it." 

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