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Whether you're buying for your student, oregon are a pupil yourself, you whitethorn person your eyes peeled for a woody connected Apple AirPods for the coming semester. Luckily, determination are plentifulness of back-to-school deals connected AirPods to beryllium recovered close present astatine Amazon and Walmart. 

Top products successful this article:

Best Apple AirPods Pro woody astatine Amazon: Apple AirPods Pro, $180 (reduced from $249) 

$100 AirPods deal: Apple AirPods (2nd generation), $100 (reduced from $159)

Switching to wireless headphones oregon earbuds tin beryllium a crippled changer for students. Say goodbye to being tethered by pesky headphone cords erstwhile joining Zoom meetings oregon listening to audiobooks with a caller brace of Apple AirPods.

Below, you'll find the champion back-to-school deals connected Apple AirPods. Whether you're looking for the AirPods Pro oregon the AirPods Max, there's an earbud woody to beryllium recovered ahead.

Apple AirPods (2nd generation): $100 Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Apple

Just astir immoderate pupil volition emotion these budget-minded Apple AirPods. They're not the latest model, but they're inactive 1 of the astir sought-after earbud models connected the market. These AirPods boast much than 24 hours full listening clip (with the wireless charging case), a foolproof, one-tap setup for Apple instrumentality owners and a low-latency wireless transportation (for afloat immersion erstwhile consuming movies and music).

The 2nd procreation AirPods retail for $159 astatine Apple, but Walmart and Amazon presently person them successful banal for $100.   

Apple AirPods (2nd generation), $100 (reduced from $159)

Apple AirPods with MagSafe lawsuit (3rd generation): $160 apple-airpods-gen3.jpg Amazon

The latest procreation of Apple AirPods is simply a bully upgrade implicit the second-generation model. They enactment 3D spatial audio with dynamic caput tracking. You get much listening time, excessively -- up to 30 hours with the included MagSafe charging case. 

At past look, 3rd procreation Apple AirPods were sold retired astatine Amazon. Walmart has them successful banal for $160, little than Apple's retail terms of $179.

Apple AirPods (3rd generation), $160 (reduced from $179)

Apple AirPods Pro: $180 Apple AirPods Pro Apple

Upgrade your aged AirPods to the Apple AirPods Pro, the Essentials bestselling model. These AirPods acceptable progressive sound cancelation technology, h2o absorption and proceeding wellness tracking successful a more-compact, better-fitting design. They're besides lauded for their large dependable quality. But each this prime comes astatine a steep terms -- specifically $250. That's wherefore the discount we recovered astatine Amazon is simply a large deal. 

Now connected merchantability astatine Amazon and Walmart for $180, the Apple AirPods Pro are a large woody for those with immoderate flexibility successful their budget.

Apple AirPods Pro, $180 (reduced from $249)

Apple AirPods Max: $479 airpods-max-pink.png Amazon

Apple AirPods Max use progressive noise-cancellation exertion to artifact retired unwanted sound and diagnostic a transparency mode truthful you tin perceive what you request to. These headphones diagnostic 20 hours of listening and are compatible with Siri. They travel successful a assortment of colors including blue, green, reddish and silver. All are presently connected sale.

Apple AirPods Max, $479 (regularly $549)

More earbud and headphones for backmost to school

Apple isn't the lone institution that makes large earbuds and headphones. Check retired these different headphones options, galore of which are connected merchantability present during the back-to-school season. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds2
Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Samsung

The Galaxy Buds2 feature progressive sound cancelation and ambient dependable passthrough. These lightweight Samsung earbuds are built for those with an progressive lifestyle. Choose from 4 colors.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 earbuds, $150

Samsung Galaxy Live Samsung Galaxy Live Samsung

You tin prevention $70 close present connected Amazon on Samsung Galaxy Live earbuds. Samsung designed these earbuds with 12 mm speakers, and gave them a signifier origin that allows them to present spacious dependable quality. If you emotion unrecorded shows, you whitethorn privation a pair.

Samsung Galaxy Live earbuds, $100 (reduced from $170)

Beats Solo3 Beats Solo3 Beats

If you're partial to rock, people oregon country, the bright-sounding, on-ear Beats Solo3 may beryllium a bully fit. These headphones enactment spatial audio (for a more-immersive listening experience), soft-ear foams (for comfort), and up to 40 hours of artillery beingness connected a azygous charge. 

Beats Solo3, $131 (reduced from $200)

Beats Studio3 wireless over-the-ear headphones Beats Studio3 Beats

The Beats Studio3 headphones are presently connected merchantability astatine Amazon. Price varies by color.

On apical of their adaptive sound cancelation, the Beats Studio3 headphones diagnostic real-time audio calibration. They're fast-charging, and casual to link with iOS and Android devices, too. This brace of headphones besides supports spatial audio. And reviewers connected Amazon rave astir however the headphones consciousness comfy adjacent erstwhile they've been worn for hours.

Beats Studio3 wireless over-the-ear headphones (black), $210 and up (reduced from $350)

Powerbeats Pro Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones Amazon

If you similar to enactment active, the Powerbeats Pro may beryllium a amended acceptable -- literally. These wireless earbuds are designed with comfy receptor hooks for a unafraid acceptable (making them perfect for rigorous activities, specified arsenic running). They're IPX4-rated for h2o resistance, too. They travel successful respective antithetic colors.

Powerbeats Pro, $200 (reduced from $250)

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 gaming headset gaming-headset.jpg Bose via Amazon

The Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 gaming headset is a large prime for those looking for a comfy luxury headset. The headset includes a removable gaming module with a noise-rejecting roar mic. All this allows you to beryllium heard large and wide by the competition. The headset tin beryllium worn wirelessly, and features a built-in mic strategy that tin marque wide telephone calls, adjacent successful noisy environments. 

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 gaming headset, $220 (regularly $329)

Sony WF-1000XM3 noise-canceling genuinely wireless earbuds Sony WF-1000XM3 Noise Canceling Wireless Earbuds Amazon

These Sony earbuds feature an HD-noise canceling processor, and 24-bit audio-signal processing. The earbuds connection up to 24 hours of artillery life. If you missed a afloat charge, and you're connected the go, past you're inactive bully -- that's due to the fact that these Sony buds lone instrumentality 10 minutes to complaint (to present you up to 90 minutes of play time).

Choose from 2 colors. Get the champion woody connected Amazon connected the Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds successful achromatic (pictured). 

Sony WF-1000XM3 noise-canceling genuinely wireless earbuds (black), $150 (regularly $200)

More Apple tech connected merchantability astatine Amazon 

Shop much Apple tech astatine Amazon close present for backmost to school. Many items are presently connected sale.

Apple iPad 9: $309 apple-ipad-9.png Apple

The 10.2-inch iPad 9, released successful 2021, is the astir affordable of Apple's iPad offerings. It offers a 8 MP wide-angle backmost camera, and a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle beforehand camera. It boasts stereo speakers, too. This iPad is powered by a A13 Bionic chip. It boasts up to 10 hours of artillery life, and is compatible with the Apple Pencil ($99) for drafting oregon note-taking.

Available successful 2 colors; prices vary. The merchantability prices listed beneath are for the abstraction grey iPad 9 with Wi-Fi-only connectivity.  

Apple iPad 9 (64 GB) (space gray), $309 (reduced from $329)

Apple iPad 9 (256GB) (space gray), $429 (reduced from $479) 

Want to support your caller tablet investment? Get the 64 GB Apple iPad 9 bundled with a two-year subscription to Apple's extortion plan, Apple Care+. That bundle's connected merchantability connected Amazon, too!  

Apple iPad 9 (64 GB) (silver) bundled with Apple Care+, $378 (reduced from $398) 

Apple iPad Air 5: $559 ipad-air.png Amazon

Introduced successful 2022, the 10.9-inch Apple iPad Air 5 is the latest successful the lightweight iPad Air line. The iPad Air 5 offers show up to 60% faster than the anterior exemplary acknowledgment to Apple's turbo-charged M1 chip. The instrumentality boasts a 12 MP wide-angle backmost camera that supports 4K video. It besides offers interaction ID, and Apple's Liquid Retina display.

Available successful 5 colors; prices vary. The merchantability prices listed beneath are for the abstraction grey iPad Air 5 with Wi-Fi-only connectivity. 

Apple iPad Air 5 (64 GB) (space gray), $559 (reduced from $599)

Apple iPad Air 5 (256 GB) (space gray), $679 (reduced from $749)

Apple iPad Mini 6: $409 ipad-mini.png Amazon

The iPad Mini 6 is simply a compact tablet with an 8.3-inch Liquid Retina show screen. Released successful 2021, the Apple tablet is powered by an A15 Bionic spot with neural motor technology. It features a 12 MP wide-angle backmost camera, and a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle beforehand camera. It boasts scenery stereo speakers.

Note that the Apple iPad Mini is not compatible with the Apple's external Magic Keyboard. It can, however, beryllium utilized with different Bluetooth-enabled outer keyboards.

Normally disposable successful 4 colors, Amazon's banal has been precise constricted of late. The beneath terms is the champion we recovered for an in-stock Mini 6 astatine Walmart.

Apple iPad Mini 6 (64 GB), $409 and up

Apple iPad Mini 6, Wi-Fi + Cellular (64 GB), $550 (reduced from $649)

Apple iPad Pro 5: $729 ipad-pro.png Amazon

Apple's high-end tablet, the iPad Pro, features an 11-inch Liquid Retina XDR display, a pro camera strategy and a Thunderbolt larboard for lightning-speed information transfers. Looking for a accepted laptop experience? It's compatible with Apple's Magic Keyboard. 

Available successful 2 colors; prices vary. The merchantability prices listed beneath are for the abstraction grey iPad Pro 5 with Wi-Fi-only connectivity.  

As with different iPad models, the iPad Pro 5 with cellular connectivity is much costly than the Wi-Fi-only device. But if 5G is the transportation you're craving, past the other disbursal whitethorn beryllium worthy it. 

Apple iPad Pro 5 (128 GB) (space gray), $729 (reduced from $799)

Apple iPad Pro 5 (256 GB) (space gray), $849 (reduced from $899)

Apple Watch Series 7 (41 mm): $335 and up
Apple Watch Series 7 41mm Apple via Amazon

Amazon is presently offering a woody on the GPS mentation of the 4 mm Apple Watch Series 7. Choose from 5 disposable colors; terms varies by color. The champion woody is connected the greenish Apple Watch 7.

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS (41 mm), $335 and up (regularly $400)

Apple Watch Series 7 (45 mm): $370 and up Apple Watch Series 7 45 mm Apple via Amazon

Right now, you tin prevention connected the larger, somewhat weightier 45 mm Apple Watch Series 7. Choose from 4 disposable colors for the GPS-only version.   

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS (45 mm), $370 and up (regularly $429) 

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack: $87 
Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Apple via Amazon

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack magnetically attaches to your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 oregon iPhone 13 Pro, providing a portable, wireless telephone charge. If request be, your MagSafe Battery Pack and iPhone tin beryllium charged astatine the aforesaid time. Listed astatine $99 astatine Apple, you tin prevention present by buying it connected Amazon for $87. 

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, $87 (regularly $99)

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