The Bachelorette's JoJo Fletcher Marries Jordan Rodgers

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"Bachelorette's" Jordan Rodgers Re-Proposes to JoJo Fletcher

Married beingness is looking extra rosy for newlyweds JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers!

The couple, who archetypal met and got engaged during JoJo's season of The Bachelorette, tied the knot successful an "Italian-inspired" ceremony at the Sunstone Winery successful Santa Ynez, Calif., connected May 14, People reports. 

"It sounds cliché, but I truly americium marrying my champion friend," JoJo told the publication. "Everything that's happened successful our narration has lone made america stronger. And we conscionable consciousness truthful lucky. It feels truthful good! It took a portion to get present but it was each truthful worthy it. We are finally married! Can't hold to commencement this adjacent section of our beingness together."

The bride wore an Ines di Santo gown portion guests including Bachelor Nation alums Becca Tilley, Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk looked on.

It's been a agelong roadworthy to the couple's wedding time since fans of the world TV amusement past saw Jordan get down connected 1 genu backmost successful 2016. In fact, Jordan aboriginal ended up re-proposing to JoJo with a 2nd gorgeous engagement ringing successful August 2019. 

"I ever wanted to re-propose, with nary cameras, nary producers, nary drama...just us," helium explained connected Instagram. "Our archetypal engagement was truthful real, and meant truthful overmuch to america both, but arsenic we commencement to really program our wedding for adjacent twelvemonth I wanted to bash it each implicit again, OUR WAY!" 

"And truthful the top escapade successful beingness begins (again)...with my champion friend," helium continued. "Let's get F'ing joined already." 

However, the brace would extremity up having to wait a small spot longer than expected. While they initially planned to get joined successful June 2020, JoJo and Jordan decided to postpone their wedding date because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

In an Instagram post astatine the time, JoJo remained affirmative portion reflecting connected their would-be wedding day.


"As you guys know, we person spent the past 11 months readying the wedding of our dreams but fixed the circumstances of 2020, we had to marque the hard determination to postpone our peculiar day," she wrote. "Even though I don't get to wed you todayyyyy @jrodgers11, I cognize it volition beryllium each much worthy the wait. 2021, we truly can't hold for you." 

However, the cards weren't rather close for the pursuing twelvemonth either and, owed to venue restrictions, the mates ended up pushing backmost their wedding until 2022. But, astatine agelong last, the mates were yet capable to say, "I do," successful beforehand of their families and adjacent friends.

In the pb up to the pair's peculiar day, JoJo celebrated her bachelorette enactment by going connected vacation to Mexico with her adjacent friends, including Bachelor alum Becca Tilley, arsenic portion of what was lovingly dubbed "#FletchersFinalFling." 

Reflecting connected their narration successful April, JoJo and Jordan told E! that they couldn't believe however acold they've travel since the amusement archetypal aired each those years ago.  

"We were conscionable walking our dogs the different time and he's like, 'Can you judge this is our beingness now? Can you judge we were full strangers to each different earlier mounting ft successful that Bachelor mansion?'" JoJo said. "And adjacent aft our archetypal twelvemonth oregon two, determination were truthful galore ups and downs that we didn't cognize what our destiny was going to beryllium arsenic a couple. We wanted it truthful bad, but we didn't cognize due to the fact that determination were hard times. And I conscionable deliberation we person worked done truthful galore things."

"Now, looking backmost astatine it, I'm like, I didn't adjacent cognize however bully it was going to be," Jordan added. "And I was acceptable aft knowing her for 7 weeks." 

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