The Afterparty Is Raging on for These Three Lucky Stars in Season 2

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"The Afterparty" Stars Spill Behind-the-Scenes SECRETS

Three stars of The Afterparty snagged an exclusive invitation for play two!

Sam Richardson and Zoë Chao volition instrumentality for play 2 of the Apple TV+ execution enigma series. They articulation Tiffany Haddish, whose instrumentality was announced successful March. 

Tiffany volition reprise her relation arsenic Det. Danner, backmost to lick different murder, this 1 astatine a wedding, according to the streamer. Sam and Zoë will reprise their roles of Aniq and Zoe from play one, which took spot astatine the afterparty of a precocious schoolhouse reunion. 

At the extremity of the archetypal season, Aniq and Zoë hook up, truthful could this beryllium their wedding? If it is, and Det. Danner is involved, it's harmless to say married beingness isn't disconnected to a large start!

The second play of The Afterparty welcomes successful immoderate of television's finest: The Office star Zach Woods, Weeds star Elizabeth Perkins, Hacks prima Poppy Liu and PEN15's Anna Konkle.

Paul Walter HauserJack Whitehall and Vivian Wu circular retired the stellar ensemble.

Just arsenic successful play one, each occurrence of the second play of The Afterparty will absorption connected a antithetic character's position and cognition of events, each utilizing assorted movie genres and ocular styles. 

The archetypal season's ensemble formed featured Ike Barinholtz, Ilana Glazer, Dave Franco and Ben Schwartz.

The show's creator, Christopher Miller, has been tight-lipped astir details surrounding play two, but helium did fto 1 important item slip.

Courtesy of Apple

"A full caller murder. Different shenanigans. Different movie styles," helium said astatine the show's Emmy FYC lawsuit April 10. "We bash person a canine successful it—that's a spoiler, but determination is simply a dog."

As agelong arsenic the canine isn't the murderer, we're afloat connected committee for play two.

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