The 5 Most Important Texas Divorce Laws That You Need to Know

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By  | September 15, 2022

Do you privation to know how to record for divorcement successful Texas?

When you archetypal joined and made the determination to walk the remainder of your beingness with different person, divorcement wasn’t adjacent connected the radar. But determination are instances wherever divorcement is the lone feasible solution, and you find yourself having to get divorced.

Deciding to extremity your matrimony is ne'er easy. But if you’re afloat alert of each the Texas divorcement laws that use to your situation, your divorcement volition spell arsenic smoothly arsenic possible.

To assistance you trim the accent of your pending divorcement and marque the process tally arsenic smoothly arsenic possible, present are respective of the much important Texas divorcement laws. 

Child Custody and Support

In Texas, the tribunal presumes that associated managing conservatorship—i.e., Absent a contrary finding, sharing parental duties, and decision-making is successful the child’s champion interests. As portion of the divorcement process, the tribunal volition contented an Order for Possession and Support detailing the kid custody arrangement, including which genitor volition person superior custody and the visitation schedule.

Courts cipher kid enactment successful Texas based connected the non-custodial parent’s nett income, and courts person wide latitude successful determining the amount. If circumstances change, specified arsenic a occupation nonaccomplishment oregon a alteration successful income, either genitor whitethorn petition the tribunal to modify the kid enactment order. Visit if you are considering a divorcement successful Texas.


In Texas, alimony is typically lone awarded successful marriages that person lasted astatine slightest 10 years. The payments are intended to assistance the lower-earning spouse successful maintaining their modular of surviving during the marriage. The magnitude and duration of payments are determined connected a case-by-case basis, taking into relationship the couple’s fiscal concern and each spouse’s earning potential.

Property Division

Property part divorcement laws successful Texas person a ground connected the “community property” principle, which states that each spot and debts acquired during the matrimony with information are jointly owned by some spouses and volition beryllium divided arsenic successful a divorce.

Parenting Time

Courts usually assistance divorced parents successful the Texas associated managing conservatorship of their children. This means that some parents person adjacent rights and duties for their children, including the close to marque decisions astir their welfare, education, and aesculapian care. However, the tribunal tin grant 1 genitor sole managing conservatorship if it finds that this is successful the child’s champion interest.

Divorce Process

Before filing for divorce, you indispensable person lived successful the authorities for astatine slightest six months. The tribunal indispensable record your divorcement petition successful the region wherever you oregon your spouse reside.

Furthermore, Texas is simply a no-fault state, which means you bash not request to beryllium thing incorrect with your spouse to get a divorce. You indispensable besides disagreement your assets and debts equitably betwixt you and your spouse with the assistance of a Texas divorcement lawyer.

Know These Texas Divorce Laws

If you are considering a Texas divorce, it is indispensable to cognize the 5 astir important laws that could impact your case. These laws see the grounds for kid custody and support, spot division, alimony, parenting time, and the divorcement process. Consulting with an experienced divorcement lawyer tin assistance you amended recognize however these laws whitethorn use to your concern and what you tin bash to support your rights.

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