THANK YOU TGP READERS! YOU ARE THE BEST! DC Gitmo Prisoner Thanks Gateway Pundit Readers for Raising NEARLY $2 MILLION for the Political Prisoners and Their Families (VIDEO)

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For the past respective weeks Ashli Babbitt’s mother, Micki Witthoeft, has been holding a vigil successful beforehand of the DC Gitmo, the Washington DC situation holding the governmental prisoners from January 6, 2021 protests.

The governmental prisoners astatine DC Gitmo are awaiting proceedings aft being held for implicit a twelvemonth present nether horrendous conditions successful the Washington situation for January 6 protesters.

Micki Witthoeft is simply a committee subordinate of Citizens Against Political Persecution. TGP contributor Cara Castronuova is the co-Founder and President of the group.

Micki’s girl Ashli was changeable successful acold humor by DC constabulary serviceman Lt. Michael Byrd connected January 6th erstwhile helium changeable her successful the cervix without warning.  Lt. Byrd is inactive moving successful the US Capitol and is reportedly inactive armed.  He considers himself a victim.

For respective days Micki has been holding a vigil extracurricular of the DC Gitmo successful enactment of the quality rights of the governmental prisoners.

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Micki told The Gateway Pundit, “I cognize if my girl Ashli was live this is precisely wherever she would be, extracurricular the steps of the jail. That’s wherefore I americium here. For my daughter.”

On Sunday Micki held different gathering extracurricular of the DC Gitmo. During the league governmental captive John Mellis called successful and thanked respective radical and organizations who supported the detainees.

John thanked Cara, the AmericanGulag, and The Gateway Pundit for our support.

John Mellis, “I’d similar to springiness a shoutout to immoderate of our outstanding supporters, the bully radical who person fixed up truthful overmuch to enactment us. I privation everyone to cognize that we emotion them. So I’ll conscionable spell down a list. Professor David Clements. Dave Sommerall… Cara Castronuova from CAPP… Nick and Laura from American Gulag… And I person to springiness a peculiar acknowledgment to Jim Hoft, Kelly Wilde and Cara for helping america raise, and The Gateway Pundit readers ESPECIALLY, for helping america rise astir $2 cardinal straight and that went straight into our GiveSendGo accounts.

Thank you, Gateway Pundit readers for being the astir generous assemblage connected the net and for supporting those persecuted by the Department of Justice and the Biden Administration!

Thank you truthful precise much!

Here is the video: