Texas attorney general fled home to avoid subpoena, affidavit says

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton ran retired of his location and jumped into a motortruck driven by his wife, a authorities senator, to debar being served a subpoena to attest Tuesday successful an termination entree case, according to tribunal documents.

A process server wrote successful an affidavit that helium was attempting to present the national tribunal subpoena Monday astatine Paxton's location and yet had to permission the papers connected the ground. He said the Republican avoided him for much than an hr from wrong his house, past dashed toward the motortruck and the mates drove off.

Paxton, who is facing a assortment of ineligible troubles arsenic helium seeks to triumph a 3rd word successful November, said helium avoided the server retired of information concerns and said the quality media should beryllium ashamed for reporting connected what happened.

"It's wide that the media wants to drum up different contention involving my enactment arsenic Attorney General, truthful they're attacking maine for having the audacity to debar a alien lingering extracurricular my location and showing interest astir the information and well-being of my family," Paxton wrote connected Twitter Monday night.

On Tuesday, a justice proceeding the suit by nonprofit groups that privation to assistance Texans wage for abortions retired of authorities granted Paxton's petition to quash the subpoena. The lawyer wide wrote successful tribunal documents that helium and his woman were "accosted" by the process server and the justice besides granted Paxton's petition to seal the affidavit, which had been publically accessible for hours.

Ernesto Martin Herrera said successful the affidavit that helium arrived astatine Paxton's location successful the Dallas suburb connected McKinney Monday greeting and knocked connected the beforehand door, which had a model successful it. Paxton could initially beryllium seen approaching the doorway but past turned back. Republican Sen. Angela Paxton opened it, telling the process server her hubby was connected the phone, according to the tribunal document, which was archetypal reported by The Texas Tribune.

More than an hr later, the affidavit says, Paxton walked retired of the store but past turned astir and ran backmost wrong erstwhile Herrera walked up the driveway and called his name. A fewer minutes aft that, Angela Paxton allegedly came out, opened the rear driver-side doorway of a motortruck successful the driveway, got successful the driver's spot and started the truck.

"A fewer minutes aboriginal I saw Mr. Paxton RAN (sic) from the doorway wrong the store towards the rear doorway down the operator side," Herrera wrote, adding that Paxton ignored his calls that helium was determination to service the lawyer wide ineligible documents. Herrera said helium near the subpoena connected the crushed beside the motortruck but the mates drove disconnected without taking it.

Paxton was indicted successful 2015 connected authorities securities fraud charges but is yet to look proceedings amid agelong delays implicit wherever the felony lawsuit should beryllium heard and outgo for the peculiar prosecutors. The FBI is investigating Paxton implicit allegations of corruption that 8 of Paxton's ain deputies leveled astatine him 2 years ago. The Texas authorities barroom has besides brought a suit seeking to subject Paxton for allegedly misleading the U.S. Supreme Court successful his suit seeking to situation President Biden's triumph successful the 2020 election.

Paxton has broadly denied wrongdoing and remained fashionable among GOP voters. He faces Democratic challenger Rochelle Garza, a first-time campaigner and erstwhile ACLU attorney, successful the November election.

"Texans merit an AG who volition uphold the law, not tally from it," Garza wrote connected Twitter Tuesday.

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