Tesla (TSLA) falls 10% amid ‘Elongate scandal,’ Musk denies the claim & challenges alleged victim’s friend

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Tesla (TSLA) banal has fallen by arsenic overmuch arsenic 10% contiguous aft the allegation of intersexual misconduct against CEO Elon Musk came out, which is present being called the ‘Elongate’ scandal. Musk has present denied the assertion and adjacent challenged the alleged victim’s person who shared the story.

As we reported yesterday, a work released a second-hand relationship of alleged intersexual misconduct by Musk connected a formation attendant connected his backstage plane.

A person of the formation attendant told her communicative aft she reportedly signed an NDA and received a $250,000 colony from SpaceX. She claimed that Musk exposed himself and asked for intersexual favors during a massage helium requested connected the plane.

Musk commented connected the archetypal report, but helium didn’t outright contradict the assertion astatine archetypal different than hinting that it was politically motivated.

The CEO has since took to Twitter to much intelligibly contradict the communicative calling it “utterly untrue”.

He adjacent challenged the idiosyncratic who told the communicative to picture distinguishable marks connected his body, similar scars oregon tattoos, that haven’t been public:

But I person a situation to this liar who claims their person saw maine “exposed” – picture conscionable 1 thing, thing astatine each (scars, tattoos, …) that isn’t known by the public. She won’t beryllium capable to bash so, due to the fact that it ne'er happened.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 20, 2022

The connection hasn’t helped Tesla’s stock, which has been taking a beating lately, but adjacent much truthful today. Tesla (TSLA) is down by arsenic overmuch arsenic 10% today, and the banal is present down to a level that we person not seen since June 2021:

It’s hard to nexus the latest driblet straight to the ‘Elongate scandal,’ but Tesla’s banal is down mode much than the remainder of the marketplace contiguous contempt nary different important news.

This is atrocious quality for each Tesla shareholders obviously, but adjacent much truthful for Musk who has astir $6 cardinal of his Twitter acquisition woody tied to loans backed by his Tesla shares.

Electrek’s Take

I won’t effort to measurement successful connected the contented of who is saying the information present due to the fact that we simply can’t cognize astatine this point, but there’s 1 happening that I deliberation is important to clarify.

I spot tons of radical saying that Elon was “dead on” for calling retired a time earlier the communicative came retired that the “political attacks” connected him were going to ramp up aft helium called the Democratic enactment “the enactment of hate” and said helium would beryllium voting Republican.

To beryllium clear, the Insider, who archetypal reported the story, said that they reached retired to Musk up of publishing the communicative and adjacent gave him much clip to comment.

Therefore, it is astir definite that helium was already alert this communicative was coming retired erstwhile helium announced that helium would beryllium voting Republican and predicted that “political attacks” were coming his way.

I deliberation that’s an important distinction, but it doesn’t mean the allegations are true, either.

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