Tesla teases Optimus humanoid robot prototype with new image

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Tesla has teased its Optimus humanoid robot prototype with a caller representation up of a afloat unveiling planned for September 30th.

Earlier this year, CEO Elon Musk announced “Tesla AI Day #2” with “many chill updates” connected August 19.

The archetypal “Tesla AI Day” held past twelvemonth was an lawsuit focused connected the company’s self-driving program. The automaker besides unveiled its Dojo supercomputer and announced plans for the “Tesla Bot” humanoid robot – present known arsenic Tesla Optimus.

The AI Day #2 was expected to beryllium held a twelvemonth to the time aft the archetypal one, but Musk took to Twitter successful June to hold the lawsuit to September 30. As for the crushed for the delay, the CEO said that Tesla whitethorn person a moving prototype of Optimus by then.

Now astatine Tesla’s yearly shareholder’s meeting, Musk released a caller representation of the Tesla Optimus to beforehand the upcoming AI Day #2 event:

The representation appears to diagnostic the robotic hands of the existent Tesla Optimus prototype.

At the archetypal AI Day, Musk announced the task by bringing a quality successful a robot customized connected stage, which was evidently a gag but it besides brought disapproval arsenic a pie-in-the-sky project, but the CEO has been doubling down connected the project.

 The CEO adjacent said that the company aims to commencement accumulation of the robot successful 2023, which amazed many.

This is an highly ambitious timeline for specified an ambitious project, but Musk said connected respective occasions that it has go a priority.

In January, the CEO said that Tesla is prioritizing merchandise improvement of the Optimus humanoid robot successful 2022 over different products.


At the lawsuit today, Musk again reiterated that helium believes that the humanoid robot concern should go bigger than Tesla’s automotive business:

“I fishy Optimus is going to beryllium much invaluable than the car long-term. It volition crook the full conception of the system connected its head.”

The CEO antecedently stated that the Optimus could beryllium a solution to the labour shortage and make a displacement successful the system to greatly trim costs.

Tesla plans to leverage its existing expertise successful powerfulness electronics and batteries for electrical vehicles to physique the robot and usage its AI expertise to springiness it a brain.

At first, Musk said that the robot would beryllium programmed to execute elemental and repetitive tasks, including successful manufacturing operations similar Tesla’s own.

Tesla plans for the robot to amended implicit clip and beryllium capable to execute a wider scope of tasks that would marque it utile for some commercialized and user applications.

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