Tesla Semi frunk, Megacharger port, and more shown in mobile app integration

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Tesla Semi Frunk

Tesla is starting to integrate Tesla Semi, its electrical semi truck, successful its mobile app up of the commencement of lawsuit deliveries. It shows the truck’s frunk, Megacharger port, and more.

Five years aft unveiling the electrical truck, Tesla yet brought the conveyance to accumulation past month.

At the time, the automaker said that lawsuit deliveries would commencement connected December 1.

The day is expected to bring much than conscionable lawsuit deliveries arsenic Tesla is expected to merchandise much details astir the accumulation mentation of the motortruck – particularly the price.

Ahead of the commencement of deliveries, Tesla is integrating the electrical motortruck successful its mobile app, which is 1 of the main ways that owners interact with their Tesla vehicles.

Now it looks similar owners of Tesla commercialized vehicles, similar Tesla Semi, are going to bask a akin acquisition arsenic Tesla rider conveyance owners.

The institution has present added a 3D exemplary of the Tesla Semi successful a new mobile app update:

The images don’t truly uncover thing new, but radical look to beryllium peculiarly impressed by the size of the electrical truck’s sunvisor:

Tesla Semi sunvisor

That’s a effect of Tesla going with a centered operator spot for the electrical truck’s cockpit.

The app besides shows the Tesla Semi’s frunk and Megacharger port:

Based connected this app update, which is inactive successful the backend and not disposable to customers, it looks similar Tesla is getting acceptable to onboard Tesla Semi customers to its ecosystem.

Electrek’s Take

Tesla’s mobile app should beryllium rather utile for Tesla Semi customers. Some features that Tesla introduced for its rider vehicles could beryllium rather utile to negociate a fleet of Tesla Semi trucks.

Things similar “driver profiles,” which alteration a Tesla proprietor to negociate who tin thrust its vehicles is going to beryllium peculiarly useful.

Tesla could besides usage its level of connectivity wrong its vehicles and done the app to connection caller commercialized fleet absorption tools to owners.

The possibilities are virtually limitless. I can’t hold to spot what the Tesla Semi squad tin travel up with present that the vehicles are yet getting into the hands of customers.

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