Tesla’s Supercharger cost revealed to be just one-fifth of the competition in losing home state bid

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New documents amusement that Tesla has a large outgo vantage erstwhile deploying fast-charging stations arsenic its Superchargers outgo conscionable one-fifth of what the mean competing charging networks are paying to deploy caller stations.

Last year, we reported connected the Texas Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Program (TxVEMP), which is simply a programme that uses the colony from the Dieselgate ungraded to money projects to assistance the aerial prime successful Texas, including backing electrical conveyance charging stations.

It was absorbing due to the fact that Tesla applied for grants done the programme to assistance money gathering what could go the archetypal Superchargers that judge all-electric vehicles successful the US, and not conscionable Tesla vehicles.

Now the programme has announced the organisation of the grants, and unluckily for Tesla, it didn’t marque the chopped and it’s not wide why. Having conscionable moved its office and caller mill to the authorities should person astatine slightest levelled the playing field.

But regardless, there’s inactive immoderate bully quality coming retired of the programme for the automaker, since it revealed that Tesla appears to person a monolithic vantage successful the outgo of deployment of caller fast-charging stations.

Companies couldn’t use for much than 70% of the outgo of the chargers up to $150,000 per charger, and Forbes reports that Tesla was asking for lone ~$30,000 per charger versus the afloat $150,000 for astir applicants:

“A Texas programme which gives grants to instal accelerated EV chargers, arsenic agelong arsenic they enactment non-Tesla cars got applications by Tesla. This was a archetypal for Tesla successful the USA, arsenic their stations normally lone complaint Tesla cars. Also absorbing is the amounts of the grants, which tin screen 70% of the outgo of the chargers, to a maximum of $150,000 per charger. Tesla’s applications inquire for arsenic small arsenic $30,000 per charger, portion astir different applications are claiming the maximum $150,000 and possibly outgo adjacent more.”

It would mean that Tesla’s Superchargers outgo nary much than ~$43,000 per charger versus implicit $200,000 for the contention based connected the documents successful these applications to the TxVEMP program.

Some of the different applicants see large names successful the charging manufacture similar EVgo, Chargepoint, arsenic good arsenic galore large state presumption operators.

Powerful fast-charging stations, similar Tesla Superchargers, which tin complaint astatine up to 250 kW, are highly costly to marque owed to the almighty electronics successful them.

We person seen merchantability prices of implicit $100,000 for immoderate chargers, and it’s not unimaginable to spot the outgo doubling with installation depending connected respective factors.

It makes it each the much awesome that Tesla appears to beryllium capable to negociate to support the outgo nether $50,000 per charger.

Back successful 2016, erstwhile Tesla was inactive sharing its plus worth of the Supercharger network, the automaker was talking astir a worth of $285,300 per presumption oregon $49,000 per charger, but that was backmost erstwhile each charger had little than fractional the powerfulness capableness of existent Superchargers.

Therefore, the outgo appears to person travel down implicit the years contempt the capableness of the charging stations much than doubling.

Tesla has beardown expertise successful powerfulness electronics, not conscionable for its charging stations but besides for its electrical vehicles and commercial power inverters.

The institution produces Superchargers astatine Gigafactory New York, and much recently, Tesla opened a caller Supercharger mill successful Shanghai, which it aims to ramp up to 10,000 Supercharging stalls per year.

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