Tesla’s stock (TSLA) takes a beating amidst confusion over Twitter acquisition – is Elon selling? (U: Yes)

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Update: Musk reported selling 4.4M TSLA shares valued astatine adjacent to $4B connected Tuesday, driving the terms down implicit 100 points and apt to acquisition TWTR shares. Musk noted this evening that helium wouldn’t merchantability immoderate further TSLA shares.

Tesla’s banal (TSLA) is presently taking a beating and losing implicit $150 cardinal successful worth amidst the disorder astir Elon Musk’s Twitter(TWTR) acquisition. The main question connected investors’ minds is: is Elon Musk selling Tesla stocks?

After a fewer weeks of backmost and forth, Twitter’s committee of directors approved the acquisition connected Monday, and Tesla’s banal has been successful a freefall ever since. There are decidedly different broader marketplace factors astatine play, but the bulk of the driblet appears to beryllium related to uncertainty astir the Twitter deal.

There’s a batch of confusion.

Tesla’s banal is down 16% since the announcement that Twitter accepted the deal, and determination were ample income of banal arsenic soon arsenic it was announced:

Tesla erased implicit $150 cardinal successful marketplace valuation passim the week, and it doesn’t look similar it’s stopping. There seems to beryllium immoderate disorder astir the Twitter woody and its interaction connected Musk and Tesla, if any.

One of the main concerns is that Twitter is going to instrumentality clip from Musk distant from Tesla, which is inevitable, and the lone question is …how overmuch time?

Musk himself precocious valued the clip helium spends astatine Tesla arsenic being worthy northbound of $1 cardinal a infinitesimal due to the fact that of the benignant of concern Tesla is doing these days, and the interaction helium has connected it.

The different large origin is that investors don’t cognize if Musk is going to merchantability much Tesla shares to screen the Twitter acquisition deal. Musk already pledged shares of Tesla against $12 cardinal successful indebtedness for the deal, but helium besides needs to travel up with $21 cardinal successful equity.

Musk has not indicated whether oregon not helium plans to merchantability Tesla shares to screen the deal, but it is simply a apt possibility.

It mightiness beryllium already happening, which could explicate portion of the driblet successful price, and if so, Musk would person to disclose it successful the coming days.

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Electrek’s Take

I don’t cognize if Musk is selling. If helium is, we should cognize successful the adjacent fewer days. What is interesting, though, is that helium can’t spend Tesla’s shares to get excessively debased oregon it volition forestall him from securing the loans helium needs for the deal, which are backed by the worth of Tesla shares.

If Tesla’s banal driblet beneath $750 per share, it volition commencement to beryllium a occupation and immoderate of the banks offering Musk the wealth mightiness commencement to backtrack.

Forgot to accidental 1 happening astatine Tesla yearly shareholders meeting: conscionable arsenic my wealth was the archetypal in, it volition beryllium the past out.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 5, 2013

Also, Musk has often said that helium would beryllium the past 1 to merchantability Tesla stock, which if helium is so selling would beryllium a atrocious awesome to investors. Of course, helium did it past year, but that was chiefly to wage taxes connected banal options arsenic portion of his CEO compensation deal. His banal holdings really went up.

To bash it to bargain a societal media level which would bounds his clip with Tesla is simply a wholly antithetic thing.

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