Tesla releases new software update with better range calculation and media accounts linked to driver profiles

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Tesla has started to merchandise a caller bundle update (2022.16.0.2) with a amended scope calculation incorporating much biology factors and the quality for media accounts to beryllium linked to operator profiles.

The second is beauteous simple. You tin present person aggregate Spotify accounts linked to your vehicle, and they volition automatically displacement betwixt them based connected the operator illustration selected.

Tesla wrote successful the merchandise notes:

Media Player accounts (e.g. Spotify Login) are present linked to your operator profile. Simply log into your media relationship portion your operator illustration is selected.

The 2nd diagnostic successful the update is arguably mode much important and it’s thing that Tesla has really been investigating for a while.

We reported connected it backmost successful March erstwhile it showed up successful the code, but present Tesla appears to beryllium assured capable to enactment it successful the merchandise notes:

“Energy prediction for your way has been improved by incorporating forecasted crosswind, headwind, humidity and ambient somesthesia erstwhile utilizing online navigation.”

Range calculations are hard careless of the benignant of powertrain, electrical oregon interior combustion engine.

There are conscionable truthful galore factors that tin impact the ratio of a conveyance connected a roadworthy that it is hard to find however acold it tin spell connected a afloat artillery battalion oregon vessel of gas.

But it is important. I’d reason that close scope prediction is amended astatine curbing scope anxiousness than longer range.

Tesla has been a person successful ratio and long-range electrical vehicles for a agelong time, but contempt that, it inactive has issues predicting the vigor depletion of a trip.

In 2018, Tesla added much biology factors (elevation changes, weather, etc.) successful the calculation. It helped, but it is inactive acold from accurate. You enactment a destination successful the strategy and Tesla’s travel advisor tells you however overmuch vigor you volition person near by the clip you get there, but it’s not uncommon to spot the magnitude of vigor spell down accelerated arsenic you drive.

Now immoderate of that tin beryllium owed to however accelerated you drive, but biology conditions on the planned way tin besides impact the ratio and that’s what Tesla is trying to relationship for successful a amended mode with this update.

While these factors could lone relationship for a fewer percent points of difference, it tin beryllium a large woody for immoderate trips. Every percent constituent counts erstwhile doing ratio and scope calculations.

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