Tesla receives 4680 battery cell samples from Panasonic ahead of mass production

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Tesla has received 4680 artillery compartment samples from Panasonic up of the manufacturing elephantine moving to wide accumulation of the caller artillery that is going to powerfulness the Cybertruck and more.

Back successful 2020, Tesla unveiled its 4680 artillery cell, a caller tab-less artillery compartment successful a bigger format with caller chemistry, enabling cheaper and/or longer-range electrical vehicles.

The cells person already made it to the Model Y being produced astatine Gigafactory Texas. For the archetypal time, the automaker its utilizing its ain cells to enactment its electrical conveyance production. However, Tesla is going to request truthful galore cells that it is besides partnering with existent artillery suppliers to deploy their ain accumulation of the caller 4680 cell.

Panasonic, Tesla’s oldest artillery partner, has tentatively announced that it would beryllium deploying a prototype accumulation enactment for the caller artillery cell. Later, Panasonic’s caller CEO, Yuki Kusumi, said that it is prepared to make a “large investment” in producing Tesla’s caller artillery compartment if trial accumulation proves successful.

In October 2021, the Japanese shaper unveiled its ain 4680 compartment developed with Tesla. Then, Panasonic greenlit a $700 cardinal concern to nutrient the 4680 compartment successful Japan, and it has been rumored to be looking for a determination for a caller mill successful the US to nutrient the cells.

Earlier this month, we learned that Tesla asked Panasonic to velocity up the improvement of its 4680 artillery cell.

It looks similar Panasonic listened due to the fact that Kazuo Tadanobu, CEO of the Panasonic’s vigor business, confirmed contiguous that the institution has sent Tesla samples of 4680 cells (via Reuters):

Panasonic Holdings Corp, which makes batteries for Tesla, said connected Wednesday it had shipped samples of its much almighty 4680 format electrical car artillery to the U.S electrical conveyance shaper arsenic it prepares for a surge successful North American powerfulness battalion production.

Tadanobu added:

A aviator line, created archetypal successful Japan, made it imaginable to commencement large-scale prototype accumulation successful May.

The CEO reiterated that wide accumulation is acceptable to commencement during the adjacent fiscal twelvemonth starting successful March. He besides confirmed the rumors that it plans to yet person 4680 accumulation capableness successful North America.

As we antecedently reported, Panasonic is rumored to beryllium readying a elephantine caller artillery mill successful the US, possibly successful Oklahoma, to proviso Tesla with 4680 cells.

Tesla is utilizing 4680 cells successful its caller Model Y produced astatine Gigafactory Texas, but it is besides expected to powerfulness each aboriginal electrical vehicles, including the Cybertruck.

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