Tesla plans to import China-made electric cars to US, says questionable report

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Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai

Tesla is reportedly readying to commencement importing electrical cars made successful China to the US, according to a somewhat-questionable study from Reuters.

Update: Tesla CEO Elon Musk has present denied the Reuters study via Twitter.

Reuters came retired with a caller report contiguous that claims Tesla is presently validating a program to import electrical cars made astatine Gigafactory Shanghai successful China to the US market.

The work wrote:

Tesla is considering exporting made-in-China electrical cars to the United States, 2 radical with cognition of the readying told Reuters, a reversal that would bespeak the automaker’s deepening outgo vantage astatine its Shanghai works and slower request from Chinese consumers.

The study states that Tesla is presently making definite that its China-made cars are compliant with US car regulations earlier moving guardant with the plan.

When archetypal announcing plans to physique cars successful China, CEO Elon Musk intelligibly stated that it would lone beryllium to fulfill section request and that Tesla wouldn’t export vehicles from China. That changed aft Gigafactory Shanghai rapidly surged to go Tesla’s astir productive works and the world’s largest electrical conveyance factory.

It became Tesla’s main export hub – chiefly exporting vehicles to Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Therefore, it would marque consciousness for Tesla to proceed expanding exports to different markets. However, we person immoderate doubts astir the credibility of the report.

Electrek’s Take

This study makes nary consciousness successful my opinion. After years of producing cars successful China, wherefore would Tesla determine to present import them successful the US conscionable erstwhile the authorities enactment successful spot a large inducement for buyers to get cars built successful North America?

That would beryllium the strangest strategy.

But careless of the logic, I person been rapidly losing religion successful Reuters’ Tesla reporting.

While the work is 1 of the astir respected media companies successful the world, I’ve been disappointed with their Tesla coverage.

Just past week, we reported connected their misleading study that stated Tesla was aiming for measurement accumulation of the Cybertruck successful precocious 2023.

The aforesaid writer is down this caller report, and they don’t person a large way grounds of archetypal reporting based connected unnamed sources, similar this caller report.

On apical of the caller national taxation recognition making this a questionable move, Tesla’s strategy has been to bounds transit clip and localize accumulation with a caller Gigafactory successful Europe and 1 successful the US.

I deliberation Tesla volition look to fulfill North American request successful the abbreviated word with ramp-ups successful Gigafactory Texas and Fremont Factory. Tesla adjacent sent engineers from Gigafactory Shanghai to assistance ramp up accumulation successful the US.

Considering each those points, I’d record this study successful the “very improbable albeit not impossible” category.

Update: Tesla CEO Elon Musk has present denied the Reuters study via Twitter.

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