Tesla Model 3 has been selected as new police vehicle by Dallas County

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Dallas County has authorized the acquisition of 3 Tesla Model 3 vehicles to beryllium utilized by the section police. It’s the latest illustration of electrical vehicles gaining popularity with instrumentality enforcement.

Tesla vehicles person go the go-to EV for constabulary departments astir the world. Many person started adding Tesla Model 3s to their fleets, astir recently the NYPD.

Last year, the Model Y started to summation momentum.

Fremont constabulary and the Spokane Police Department both bought Model Ys to usage arsenic patrol vehicles, and Boulder’s constabulary section besides went with the electrical SUV.

Any benignant of usage that requires a batch of mileage is going to payment greatly from the state and attraction savings of going electric. Police patrol vehicles acceptable that usage case.

Last week the Dallas County Commissioners approved the acquisition of 3 Tesla Model 3 Performance vehicles for usage by the section police.

They privation to usage them arsenic constabulary vehicles, but they haven’t had the clip to validate the Tesla Model 3 based connected their requirements. For fearfulness of the backlog becoming excessively long, they decided to acquisition the vehicles close distant and spot them successful their reserve portion (via NBC):

A briefing fixed to the County Commissioners states “as a effect of the ongoing semiconductor microchip and proviso concatenation issues, the magnitude of clip to find if vehicles conscionable the replacement criteria guidelines could perchance effect successful ordering banks from the manufacturers to beryllium closed. The proposal is to acquisition the 3 Tesla Model 3 Performance electrical vehicles and person them placed arsenic portion of the ASC reserve unit.

Tesla has a increasing backlog of orders for galore vehicles and trims, but the Model 3 Performance is 1 of the fewer versions that you tin inactive get beauteous accelerated with a listed transportation timeline of June to August for caller orders.

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