Tesla launches competition to design Cyberquad electric ATV’s battery pack

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Tesla has launched a caller contention to plan the Cyberquad’s artillery battalion arsenic the automaker appears to virtually beryllium crowdsourcing R&D for the electrical ATV, though it’s much apt a recruiting effort.

When Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck successful 2019, CEO Elon Musk had a small “one much thing” infinitesimal connected signifier erstwhile they brought out the Tesla Cyberquad, an electrical ATV, to amusement the payload capableness of the Cybertruck’s bed. At the time, it wasn’t wide whether Tesla planned connected making the electrical ATV available, but Musk aboriginal confirmed that it would beryllium an enactment for Cybertruck buyers.

We haven’t heard overmuch astir the conveyance programme since then, but it is not overly astonishing since it has been linked to the Cybertruck, which has been delayed to 2023.

But present with the Cybertruck coming adjacent year, Tesla is going to person to commencement moving connected bringing the electrical ATV to market. It looks similar the automaker is present doing conscionable that, but it is taking a precise astonishing approach.

Through its authoritative Weibo relationship successful China, Tesla announced the motorboat of “the 2022 World Power Battery Conference Power Battery Integration and Management Technology Challenge”:

Tesla is calling for teams to taxable designs for a artillery battalion designed to acceptable successful the Cyberquad and equipped with 2170 cells. The automaker insinuates that the champion plan could really extremity up successful the electrical ATV, but it is besides giving retired prizes for the champion designs – they are going to beryllium giving retired up to RMB 200,000 (~$30,000 USD) successful prices.

Tesla is calling for submissions not conscionable from pupil teams, but immoderate “innovation and probe teams” tin taxable their designs for the Cyberquard artillery pack. The contention volition extremity successful July.

Electrek’s Take

While the automaker evidently doesn’t outright accidental it, it does insinuate that the champion designs could request up successful the electrical ATV. It looks similar Tesla is virtually crowdsourcing R&D for the Cyberquad, but I deliberation it’s much astir recruiting than thing else.

However, it does amusement that Tesla mightiness beryllium looking to make the Cyberquad successful China, which would beryllium astonishing since Musk precocious said that it would beryllium produced astatine Giga Texas on with Cybertruck.

That said, I wouldn’t beryllium amazed if some the Cybertruck and Cyberquad extremity up besides being produced successful China astatine immoderate point.

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