Tesla is testing new version of Solar Roof (v3.5) on employee’s homes

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Tesla has travel up with a caller mentation of its Solar Roof, mentation 3.5, and it is present investigating it connected employee’s homes up of a wider launch.

When launching the star roof, CEO Elon Musk presented it arsenic a captious merchandise to accelerate star powerfulness deployment, arsenic it opens up the marketplace to radical needing a caller extortion successful the adjacent future, each portion delivering a compelling caller product.

He said that helium aimed for Tesla to nutrient 1,000 caller star roofs per week by the extremity of 2019. It was ever wide that Tesla was acold down connected that goal, but we didn’t cognize by however overmuch until earlier this month.

The institution ne'er released information connected its star extortion installations and ever included them with its star sheet retrofits, which correspond the immense bulk of its star powerfulness deployment.

Last month, Electrek obtained star extortion installations for the archetypal clip and confirmed that Tesla deployed 2.5 MW of star roofs during the 2nd 4th of 2022, oregon astir 23 roofs per week. Furthermore, we besides reported that Tesla had paused scheduling of star extortion installations successful virtually each markets successful the US, which is the lone state wherever Tesla is installing star roofs. Third-party roofing and star companies are capable to proceed installations.

Now we larn that Tesla is aiming for its ain star extortion installation to proceed successful the 4th quarter, and it is moving connected a caller mentation successful the meantime.

During its galore delays, the star extortion went done galore antithetic iterations with Tesla Solar Roof v3 launching backmost successful 2019. The institution besides added a caller solar tile with much powerfulness and higher efficiency past year.

Tesla Solar Roof v3.5

Now sources acquainted with the substance told Electrek that Tesla is moving connected Solar Roof v3.5, and it is presently deploying the updated star merchandise astatine worker homes for testing.

At this point, it’s unclear what is caller with the updated version, but Tesla has been putting a absorption connected durability and easiness of installation erstwhile it comes to the star extortion lately.

If investigating goes well, Tesla is expected to present the caller mentation of the Solar Roof erstwhile it restarts installation toward the extremity of the year.

It’s not wide erstwhile Tesla plans to officially motorboat the caller star extortion v3.5, but it’s imaginable that we volition larn much astir the merchandise time during Tesla’s Cyber Roundup

Electrek’s Take

Solar Roof is surely 1 of those products that person ne'er delivered connected the level of hype that Tesla and particularly Elon Musk enactment down it.

The bully quality is that Tesla is present going backmost to doing beauteous good with its star sheet concern and arsenic it works connected the star extortion product, it tin displacement its installation crews to installing star panels.

Hopefully, v3.5 is the boost that the star extortion needs to go the important star merchandise that Tesla told radical it would be.

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