Tesla is already using cobalt-free LFP batteries in half of its new cars produced

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Tesla confirmed that astir fractional of each its vehicles produced past 4th are already utilizing cobalt-free iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries.

The accusation besides gives america an absorbing penetration into Tesla’s premix of models, which is mostly rather opaque.

Over the past fewer years, CEO Elon Musk has said aggregate times that Tesla plans to displacement much electrical cars to LFP batteries successful bid to flooded nickel and cobalt proviso concerns.

Iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, which don’t usage nickel oregon cobalt, are traditionally cheaper and safer, but they connection little vigor density, which means little businesslike and shorter scope for electrical vehicles.

However, they person improved capable precocious that it present makes consciousness to usage cobalt-free batteries successful lower-end and shorter-range vehicles.

It besides frees up the accumulation of artillery cells with other, much energy-dense chemistries to nutrient much longer-range vehicles.

Tesla already moved its Standard Range Model 3 and Model Y produced successful China to LFP cells.

Last year, Tesla besides announced it is “shifting to Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) artillery chemistry globally” for “standard scope vehicles.”

It confirmed that the automaker planned to power the Model 3 Standard Range, besides known arsenic Model 3 Rear-Wheel-Drive, being produced successful the Fremont mill to LFP cells, too.

Now with the merchandise of Tesla’s Q1 2022 fiscal results, Tesla confirmed that astir fractional of each vehicles produced are present utilizing LFP batteries:

“Diversification of artillery chemistries is captious for semipermanent capableness growth, to amended optimize our products for their assorted usage cases and grow our supplier base. This is wherefore astir fractional of Tesla vehicles produced successful Q1 were equipped with a lithium robust phosphate (LFP) battery, containing nary nickel oregon cobalt. Currently, LFP batteries are utilized successful astir of our modular scope conveyance products, arsenic good arsenic commercialized vigor retention applications. As a effect of our vigor businesslike motors, a Model 3 with an LFP artillery battalion tin inactive execute a 267-mile EPA range.”

This would mean that astir fractional of Tesla’s measurement comes from Model 3 Rear-Wheel-Drive, the cheapest Tesla vehicle, and the Model Y Standard Range, which is lone offered successful China.

Drew Baglino, Tesla’s SVP of engineering, was asked however rapidly tin Tesla power chemistry to LFP:

“I’ll instrumentality the LFP question. Like it says truthful successful our letter, but fractional of our products were LFP past quarter, which shows however rapidly we were capable to respond. But honestly, it wasn’t due to the fact that of a earthy worldly shortage. It conscionable seemed similar the close happening to do. We could alteration our cathode chemistry. And there’s much to beryllium done connected the cathode broadside and we are actively pursuing it to springiness america substitution flexibility successful effect to marketplace conditions betwixt the different cathodes that are retired determination that tin beryllium competitory successful our vehicle. There are galore options.”

The engineering enforcement didn’t spell into details astir those different options, but Elon Musk precocious said that Tesla is moving connected a caller manganese-based cathode battery.

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