Tesla critics are testing Elon Musk’s new Twitter policy

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Elon Musk

Tesla critics are investigating Elon Musk’s caller Twitter argumentation astir parody accounts, and they adjacent forced the CEO to alteration it and prohibition them.

One of the archetypal changes that Musk implemented aft acquiring Twitter is rolling retired the “verified” feature, which was primitively intended to corroborate that the idiosyncratic down a circumstantial relationship was the existent person, into a Twitter subscription work – and past summation the terms of that subscription work to $8 per month.

What that alteration did was springiness everyone who has $8 the quality to get the verified checkmark and marque their relationship look much official.

Musk’s stated extremity with the alteration was to curb bot accounts trying to scam radical since they would person to wage $8 per period to look authoritative – though the caller gross watercourse from thing that was escaped earlier was apt besides a important operator of the change.

The determination created a caller occupation though wherever scammers consenting to wage the $8 per period would really get a verified account, boosting their credibility and helping successful immoderate extremity they had.

People illustrated that to Musk past week by changing their accounts to marque it look similar Musk’s and tweeting things that helium wouldn’t. It forced Musk to institute a caller regularisation that if you marque your relationship look similar idiosyncratic else’s, you person to enactment successful your profile’s bio that it is simply a “parody” account.

Following this caller rule, a Tesla professional created a verified relationship that looked similar Tesla’s authoritative account, but it had a notation that it was a parody successful its bio.

It started tweeting immoderate chaotic things that made Tesla look bad, and immoderate of the tweets were seen by tens of thousands of people:

Some tweets were much evidently not coming from Tesla than others, but the verified checkmark apt confused immoderate people, and the relationship rapidly gained thousands of followers.

It besides rapidly got Musk’s attention:

As the relationship was gaining traction, Musk rapidly announced a argumentation alteration to unit parody accounts to see the information that it’s a parody straight successful their sanction and not conscionable their bio:

Going forward, accounts engaged successful parody indispensable see “parody” successful their name, not conscionable successful bio

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 11, 2022

After Musk made the announcement, the fake Tesla relationship was rapidly suspended.

Twitter besides suspended accounts of radical making amusive of Musk successful a akin mode aft introducing the caller parody relationship rule.

Electrek’s Take

This is specified a mess. Hopefully, not excessively galore radical got tricked by it, but you tin intelligibly spot however this tin go a problem.

It looks similar Musk has succeeded successful limiting the fig of spam bots, but helium besides enabled them to beryllium much impactful.

Though implicit time, the interaction should beryllium little arsenic the verified tag loses worth since anyone tin bargain it.

Right now, immoderate of the most-liked tweets connected Twitter are conscionable thousands and thousands of replies to Musk’s followers laughing astatine them for paying $8 to get the checkmark:

While I evidently disagree with a batch of what the fake Tesla relationship was saying, it looks similar they were pursuing the rules until Musk changed them. It doesn’t look just to prohibition them unless they effort to scam radical with the account, similar selling fake Tesla merchandise.

When buying Twitter, Musk announced that you tin present person amusive connected the societal media level again – conscionable not astatine his oregon Tesla’s disbursal it looks like.

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