Tesla confirms its Supercharger is way more powerful than previously thought

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With the opening of its proprietary complaint connector, Tesla has confirmed its Supercharger is mode much almighty than we antecedently thought.

It points to up to 900 kW of imaginable full output.

Yesterday, Tesla amazed galore by announcing that it is opening its EV complaint connector successful the anticipation of making it the caller standard successful North America.

Like the remainder of the industry, we are inactive digging into each the documentation that Tesla released astir its proprietary complaint connector to person radical to follow it.

While we haven’t finished reviewing everything, 1 happening is wide based connected the caller documents: Tesla’s Superchargers are susceptible of overmuch higher capableness than is presently available.

In the documentation, Tesla describes 2 versions of its charging exertion susceptible astatine operating astatine 500 volts and 1,000 volts, but they are interoperable.

Tesla writes:

Two interfaces are shown below, a 500V configuration and 1,000V configuration. The 2 interfaces are mechanically interoperable (i.e. the 1,000V inlet tin mechanically person the 500V connector and the 500V inlet tin person the 1,000V connector).

Here are the 2 designs:

The capableness to run astatine 1,000v is caller accusation that wasn’t known astir Tesla’s charging capableness earlier different than for the upcoming Megawatt charging for the Tesla Semi truck.

Furthermore, Tesla noted successful the documents that it has been capable to run astatine implicit 900 amps:

Tesla has successfully operated the North American Charging Standard supra 900A continuously with a non-liquid cooled conveyance inlet.

900A astatine 1,000v would constituent to 900 kW of full output oregon much than 3 times the existent stated capableness of Tesla’s astir caller Supercharger stations.

This would backmost up Tesla’s connection successful the blog station announcing its charging modular present named the ‘North American Charging Standard (NACS)’ that it is “twice arsenic powerful” arsenic CCS:

With much than a decennary of usage and 20 cardinal EV charging miles to its name, the Tesla charging connector is the astir proven successful North America, offering AC charging and up to 1 MW DC charging successful 1 slim package. It has nary moving parts, is fractional the size, and doubly arsenic almighty arsenic Combined Charging System (CCS) connectors.

Looks similar Tesla is not kidding astir this claim. Now, this is specifically astir the complaint connector, but Tesla wouldn’t person designed it with the capableness without besides readying to person the remainder of its charging exertion susceptible of matching it.

It points to Tesla future-proofing its Supercharging exertion for a overmuch higher output.

Electrek’s Take

This has immoderate absorbing implications. Tesla has yet to follow 800-volt powertrain exertion successful its electrical vehicles.

Other automakers have, but Tesla appears to person future-proofed its charging exertion earlier trying to marque it a standard.

Therefore, it’s imaginable that we are yet going to spot Tesla moving to 800v for its upcoming caller vehicles, similar the Cybertruck.

Either way, it looks similar Tesla’s complaint connector is not a bottleneck for precocious charging output.

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