Tesla applies to patent more precise GPS antenna for self-driving and navigation

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Tesla has applied to patent a caller multi-band GPS antenna that it believes volition beryllium much precise for self-driving and navigation applications.

The automaker describes the caller instrumentality successful the abstract of the caller patent application:

A multi-band antenna strategy is provided. The antenna strategy tin beryllium placed nether and embedded wrong a solid exterior aboveground of a vehicle. Such an antenna strategy tin see a capacitively coupled metallic constituent connected oregon adjacent to the solid exterior surface, which tin service arsenic some a parasitic constituent to heighten summation and arsenic a heating constituent to melt snowfall and/or crystal accumulation implicit the solid country that covers the antenna. In definite applications, the antenna’s operation itself tin beryllium utilized arsenic a heater to amended show successful adverse upwind conditions portion the heating elements are positioned distant from the thermally delicate electronics. The antenna strategy with integrated heating tin see a spiral antenna.

Here are a fewer images of the caller antenna, which is located wrong the rear reflector enclosure:

In its claims, Tesla argues that the plan tin nutrient a much precise antenna, portion trim powerfulness demand, noise, and cost.

The automaker besides makes it wide that its GPS strategy wouldn’t beryllium lone utilized for navigation but besides for self-driving applications:

GNSS antenna systems tin beryllium utile for providing Global Positioning System (GPS) signals and/or different signals to conveyance systems for antithetic functions involving close determination information. For example, signals received from a GNSS antenna tin beryllium combined with information from different sensors (e.g., ultrasonic sensors and/or cameras) to program a way to instrumentality a conveyance to a people location, specified arsenic summoning the conveyance to the proprietor oregon different person. GNSS antenna systems tin besides beryllium utile for different features that impact precise oregon wide determination accusation specified arsenic navigation, autopilot and different self-driving features, searching for adjacent state stations, restaurants, oregon businesses. GNSS antenna systems tin besides beryllium utile for relaying precise oregon wide determination accusation for relaying pertinent accusation regarding the portion and section advertisements.

Tesla lists 10 inventors connected the patent: Anand Konanur, Shreya Singh, Richard Breden, Yasutaka Horiki, Aycan Erentok, George Zucker, Nagarjun Bhat, Rui Moreira, Aydin Nabovati, and Rishabh Bhandari.

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