Tearful Sharon Osbourne Says She's "Very Worried" About Ozzy Osbourne's Health Amid COVID-19 Battle

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An affectional Sharon Osbourne shared that she was flying to hubby Ozzy’s broadside aft helium was diagnosed with COVID-19. Learn astir her heartfelt message.

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Sharon Osbourne is sharing her emotion for Ozzy Osbourne aft his COVID-19 diagnosis.

In a video shared by the U.K. show The Talk on Twitter, Sharon fought backmost tears arsenic she explained that Ozzy was precocious diagnosed with the virus. However, she assured that she "spoke to him and he's OK."

Still, Sharon said she was distressed, adding, "I americium precise disquieted astir Ozzy close now. We've gone 2 years without him catching COVID and it's conscionable Ozzy's luck helium would get it now."

As for however Ozzy's different household members are coping? She predicted that everyone would rally for the Osbourne patriarch.

"Unfortunately, it was diagnosed successful the mediate of the nighttime and they were each sleeping, truthful I hadn't spoken to them yet, but they'll rally around," she shared. "They'll beryllium with him."

While Sharon has been successful the U.K. serving arsenic a big connected TalkTV's caller amusement The Talk, she noted that she would beryllium returning location to the U.S. to beryllium by Ozzy's side. She shared that the archetypal happening she plans to bash erstwhile she gets backmost is "hold him and buss him but with astir 3 masks connected I think."

Sharon noted that she planned to beryllium backmost connected aerial precise soon.

"I can't judge my luck that I'm missing the show—I've lone been determination 3 days," Sharon said, aboriginal adding, "You're gonna spot maine backmost connected aerial successful a week due to the fact that I cognize my husband, we're gonna get him backmost connected his feet and we're going to get a antagonistic trial by adjacent week."


Ozzy and Sharon—who tied the knot successful July 1982—share 3 children together: Aimee Osbourne, 38, Kelly Osbourne, 37 and Jack Osbourne, 36. Ozzy is besides begetter to Louis Osbourne, 47, Jessica Osbourne, 49 and Elliot Kingsley, 56, who helium shares with ex-wife Thelma Mayfair.

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