Taylor Swift's TikTok Doppelgänger Can't Calm Down After Seeing Mom Andrea's Reaction

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Necessary Realness: Taylor Swift Is The Queen of Easter Eggs

Nice to conscionable you, wherever you been?

There's nary mistaking that Taylor Swift and her mom, Andrea Swift, conscionable saw unthinkable things from TikToker Ashley Leechin, who often dresses up arsenic the popular star connected the platform. After Ashley precocious made a video of herself reacting to the singer's unveiling of a opus title off her upcoming Midnights album, Taylor wrote successful the comments section, "My ma conscionable saw this and said 'she looks similar you.'"

Needless to say, the remark made Ashley's wildest dreams travel true. In another video, the contented creator, who has implicit 639,000 followers connected TikTok, tin beryllium seen jumping connected a furniture successful excitement. "I'm legitimately crying and shaking close now," Ashley says done tears of joy. "I emotion you!"

She added successful the caption, "You person near maine speechless."

Ashley archetypal went viral for being Taylor's look-alike past year, erstwhile Swifties stumbled upon a video of her doing laundry. Since then, she's continued to make Taylor-inspired content, including lip-syncs of the "Blank Space" singer's songs. 

In an effort for Newsweek, Ashley shared that "I've had radical remark connected my similarity to Taylor Swift since I was astir 14 years old, erstwhile she archetypal started out."

"I'm a caregiver and adjacent my patients sometimes deliberation they're being Punk'd," she penned astatine the time. "When radical respond to maine with excitement, I ever say, I'm conscionable Ashley. Sometimes I volition person idiosyncratic popular up connected my videos and inquire wherefore I person to look truthful overmuch similar Taylor and wherefore I can't conscionable beryllium myself. I americium myself, this is conscionable my face."

Keep scrolling to spot Ashley and much celeb doppelgängers.


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift admitted that adjacent her mother, Andrea Swift, was seeing treble erstwhile TikToker Ashley Leechin went viral for looking similar the singer. She commented nether 1 of the contented creator's videos, "My ma conscionable saw this and said 'she looks similar you.'"


Olivia Rodrigo

TikToker @shelbykandrade made america consciousness similar we were experiencing deja vu erstwhile she revealed her Halloween costume arsenic the SOUR singer.

Todd Williamson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, TikTok

Margot Robbie

What bash you think? Does this TikTok prima wholly lucifer Margot Robbie's quality Harley Quinn oregon what?

Tim Rooke/Shutterstock: TikTok

Prince Harry

Fans couldn't get implicit however overmuch the duke and this dada look alike! Even the doppelgänger's ain kid was confused aft seeing Prince Harry's photograph connected the screen of a magazine.

Warner Bros. Pictures/Entertainment Pictures via ZUMA Press, TikTok

Daniel Radcliffe

You're a wizard, Harry...er, Felix. Fans couldn't judge however overmuch French signaling creator Felix Lalo looked similar the Harry Potter actor, with 1 follower writing, "You are his clone. I thought you were him. Wow."

tiktok, Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Ed Sheeran

Not lone does this doppelgänger lucifer the singer, but he's also performed arsenic him. He adjacent has a website successful which he's dubbed "Ed Sheeran's Double." However, the societal media star's existent sanction is Nic and helium lives successful Germany. 


Harry Styles

After a TikTok idiosyncratic captured a clip of a section Starbucks barista named Sean, the Internet went wild, pointing retired his uncanny resemblance to the "Watermelon Sugar" singer. One lawsuit adjacent asked, "Are you Harry Styles? We're virtually listening to your opus close now."


Ariana Grande

Wow! TikTok idiosyncratic Paige Niemann is rising to fame with her impression of Ariana Grande. In fact, the societal media prima has much than 10.3 cardinal followers and often rocks looks inspired by the singer in videos. And Grande has seen the posts When the vocalist watched a video of Paige's impersonation, she took to societal media to react, tweeting, "i conscionable wonderment whyyyy the feline dependable / dialogue. [crying emoji] one americium definite she is the sweetest saccharine sweetheart forreal !! but it's definitley bizarre seeing radical blend the 2 worlds lmao."


Jennifer Lopez

Swole sisters? Houston-based bodybuilder Janice Garay is without a uncertainty the popular star's concealed twin.

"I was like, ‘No, I'm not J. Lo, I'm J from Houston,'" Garry told KHOU in presumption of the viral absorption to their similarities. "It ne'er truly crossed my caput to wherever the full satellite says I look similar J. Lo."


Gigi Hadid

Dutch model Iza Ijzerman is described arsenic the catwalk queen's "curvy" twin. There's nary denying some beauties stock akin features, including their their perfectly plump pouts, airy bluish eyes and fastener noses. 

"The archetypal clip idiosyncratic mentioned it was connected Instagram," IJzerman told Refinery29 successful 2017. "When I signed with MiLK, they posted a representation with the caption ‘The caller curvy Gigi Hadid,' truthful that's the infinitesimal I realized it mightiness beryllium true!"

Kristy Sparow/Getty Images For FENTY; Instagram


Even the vocalist was shocked by the similarities betwixt her and this small girl, penning connected Instagram, "Almost driblet my phone. how?" And she wasn't the lone one. "Looks similar your mini me," 1 follower wrote. Added different fan, "Really she looks a batch similar you."


Ariana Grande (Again!)

Instagram sensation Jacky Vasquez told E! News of the constant comparisons to the "Side to Side" songstress, "It feels astonishing to beryllium compared to Ariana since I spot her arsenic a sister. She's truthful beautiful, truthful it kinda boosts my self-esteem erstwhile radical archer maine that. I honestly don't cognize she feels astir the comparisons but to me, it's a immense compliment!"

_aprilgloria; Getty Images

Taylor Swift

When she's not successful costume, Kansas-based cosplayer April Gloria bears an uncanny resemblance to the internationally celebrated popular star. Even fans couldn't get over how similar they looked as the photos went viral.

Twitter/Getty Images

Scarlett Johansson

After a Reddit idiosyncratic posted a photo of his 72-year-old grandma Geraldine Dodd astatine property 22, it went viral and caught the attraction of her modern-day doppelganger Scarlett Johansson. The duo yet attended the Rough Night premiere together, and successful the actress' words, got "kind of trashed!" 

"Oh my gosh, I person a doppelganger," ScarJo said on The Late Show successful 2017. "This grandson posted it connected Reddit and I don't person immoderate societal media presence. This came to maine purely due to the fact that radical were like, 'Oh my God, you person a doppelganger and it's crazy. So I looked astatine this nexus online."

Getty Images

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Oscar-winning histrion has a Swedish twin! Not really, but Swedish man Konrad Annerud could decidedly walk for a 20-something-year-old Leo. His followers deliberation so, too! "You look similar young @leonardodicaprio," 1 wrote. Added different fan, "@leonardodicaprio You should cognize your double."

Getty Images; Courtesy Zoe Walton

Ed Sheeran (Again!)

A 2-year-old toddler named Isla went viral for her uncanny resemblance to the "Shape of You" songwriter. Ed himself responded, saying connected ITV's Good Morning Britain, "She's not mine! It's huffy the benignant of things that spell viral."

20th Television

Steve Harvey

The Family Feud host came face-to-face with his "better looking" twin named Olden. As the full-time pastor put it, "Every azygous time of my life, radical volition travel up to maine and telephone maine Steve Harvey."

Instagram, Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Angelina Jolie

The A-list movie prima has a imaginable movie stand-in acknowledgment to Scottish woman Chelsea Marr, whose striking facial features caught the attention of galore Jolie fans successful 2015. 

"I americium highly flattered to beryllium compared to the astonishing Angelina Jolie!" Marr wrote successful portion of a 2015 Facebook post. "Thank you to those of you who took the clip to remark connected these articles/Instagram/blogs etc immoderate of the comments are truthful beauteous and it is precise admirable and rather refreshing really to spot girls (and guys) saying benignant things adjacent though they don't cognize me, truthful convey you truthful much!!"


Taylor Swift

Not a duplicate from your dreams! Social media users had to inquire "Tswift is that you boo," after TikToker Ashley (@traumarn13) blew up implicit her bathtub laundry routine. 

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