Tarrio, Proud Boys face seditious conspiracy charges related to Jan. 6

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Washington – The person of the far-right Proud Boys and 4 of the group's members person been charged with seditious conspiracy stemming from their alleged readying for and information successful the Jan. 6 onslaught connected the U.S. Capitol.

Enrique Tarrio, on with codefendants Ethan Nordean, Joseph Biggs, Zachary Rehl, and Dominic Pezzola, are accused of conspiring to usage unit to reason the lawful transportation of statesmanlike powerfulness "by preventing, hindering, oregon delaying by unit the execution of the laws governing the transportation of power," according to a expansive assemblage indictment filed Monday.

The 5 men were antecedently indicted connected charges of conspiracy and pleaded not guilty. Monday's indictment adds the adjacent much superior "seditious" constituent to the counts, though galore of the details successful the caller indictment had antecedently been alleged successful the archetypal conspiracy charges. 

According to the indictment, successful December 2020, Tarrio and the Proud Boys members conspired to obstruct and halt the counting of the Electoral College ballot connected Jan. 6. An unnamed idiosyncratic sent Tarrio a papers entitled "1776 RETURNS," which described a program to inhabit aggregate buildings successful Washington, D.C., including legislature bureau buildings. 

Using encrypted messaging programs, the indicted Proud Boys are accused of discussing their plans for the rally and beyond. One subordinate of the radical allegedly asked connected Jan. 3, 2021, "What would they bash if 1 cardinal patriots stormed and excessively the superior building. Shoot into the crowd? I deliberation not…They would bash thing due to the fact that they tin bash nothing." 

That aforesaid day, according to charging documents, an unidentified idiosyncratic sent a dependable connection successful the radical chat and is accused of stating successful part, "The main operating theatre should beryllium retired successful beforehand of the location of representatives…plan the operations based astir the beforehand entranceway of the Capitol building." Rehl allegedly responded, "good start."

In tribunal documents filed Monday evening, Rehl's court-appointed lawyer Carmen Hernandez asked the justice overseeing her client's lawsuit for support to publically remark connected the caller indictment, citing section tribunal rules that bounds attorneys' nationalist disclosures.

"Without adding a azygous factual allegation concerning Mr. Rehl, the authorities contiguous filed the Third Superseding Indictment successful the instant case, astir 1-1/2 years aft Mr. Rehl was archetypal indicted and detained pretrial and conscionable 2 months earlier helium is scheduled to statesman trial," the filing reads successful part. 

She aboriginal wrote, "the worst that has been alleged against Mr. Rehl is that helium has associated himself with the Proud Boys, a lawful fraternal relation arsenic is his close protected by the First Amendment."  

Tarrio and his codefendants are the 2nd radical to beryllium accused of seditious conspiracy. They articulation Oath Keepers laminitis Stewart Rhodes and different accused members of the radical antecedently charged with the astir superior transgression charges successful the sprawling Jan. 6 investigation.  

Also connected Monday, documentarian Nick Quested of Goldcrest Films confirmed to CBS News that helium volition attest during Thursday's House January 6 Committee hearing. Quested was pursuing Tarrio connected Jan. 5, 2021, and captured a gathering with Tarrio and Oath Keepers' person Stewart Rhodes successful a D.C. edifice parking garage.

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